The 3 Natural Beauty Balms You Need This Summer

Cracked/ dry skin + sunburned lips are no fun + definitely not cute! Your skin is your best accessory in the summer. Moisturized, glowing, dewy lips + skin is where it’s at!! In the heat of the summer we need a naturally beautiful solution + I’ve got three of them for you, girl!


I find myself experimenting with all kinds of natural oils, balms + butters to get the right amount of moisture that stays without being too greasy or leaving my skin needing constant application because it doesn’t truly sink in.


I’m sharing with you my top three faves right now + I think they’ll soon become yours too. Bonus… they’re perfect for travel! I just took these babies with me to a 2 week California vacation + they kept my skin + lips smooth + hydrated. I carried them in my purse, beach bag and even in my pocket (or my husband’s pocket haha) all vacation long. I used them on our toddler to make sure his lips didn’t get burned at the beach + Steve actually loves them too because he always asks me for chapstick and I inevitably pull out some pink tinted, rose smelling girly gloss and he says, “I’ll pass” lol! These however, are neutral + hubby approved!!

Most importantly (beyond working like a charm), all of these balms are natural + use organic ingredients. I’m not sure why, but I tend to eat” my lip stuff throughout the day (not on purpose! lol). When I’m on set for a shoot the makeup artists crack up at how often they have to “reapply my lip”. I don’t even know how I do it… but it gets eaten!


There are SO MANY chemicals found in lip glosses, lipstick, chapstick, etc. I don’t want to be ingesting  all the nasty chemicals + carcinogens like parabens (known to disrupt hormone function, an effect that is linked to reproductive toxicity), “fragrance” (this is basically hidden chemicals since cosmetic manufacturers can with hold their actual ingredients under these terms), phthalates (strong hormone disruptors linked to reduced female fertility), chemical sunscreens (oxybenzone, octinoxate + homosalate are in many chemical sunscreens + are shown to act like estrogen in the body and are associated with endometriosis).


That’s CRAZY hu?! I think so… that all of this is (and so much more) is allowed to be in our lip products!! It worries me, grosses me out and makes me angry at the same time.


Okay, enough focus on the scary stuff… because there are definitely amazing products out there that are safe, healthy + actually work BETTER than the chemical-filled stuff.


Here are my top 3 for you!

(Ps. this is not a sponsored post and I’m not connected with the companies in any way. This is just pure personal recommendation.)




Okay, I have to admit… this was originally an impulse buy. I was in line at Ulta grabbing some last minute Tarte makeup + natural sunless tanner for our vacation and the gazillions of bins they have where you stand in line with mini all-the-things that I’m a sucker for… yeah, it was there. And it’s $25 which is super pricey for how frugal I am, but honestly I’ll keep buying this stuff now that I know how incredible it works!


Side note: If you don’t know by now, I’m an excessive researcher and I really don’t try much anything new whether it’s food, beauty products, cleaning products etc. unless I dig into it’s ingredients, where they come from, its purity, effectiveness + so on. And my standards are high. It’s one of the reasons why I love sharing and teaching all I know so much because it spreads the wealth of knowledge that came from the time spent digging and learning.


The ingredients of Lano Golden Dry Skin Salve are simply: 

  • quadruple lanolin
  • vitamin E 
  • manuka honey

“100% natural, NO- artificial colors + fragrances +parabens +petroleum + PEG’s + mineral oil + sulfates. Against animal testing.” 


If you’re not familiar with lanolin, it’s the waxy sebum that is naturally extracted onto sheep’s wool that makes it semi waterproof. It resembles your own skin’s lipids more than any other ingredient out there and actually creates a breathable barrier, letting your skin hydrate from within. High quality lanolin can hold up to 400 times it’s own weight in moisture and just feels like an extension of your skin!


Knowing there has been some controversy over lanolin in nipple butter products recently due to pesticides sprayed on sheep and the fact that the waxy substance tends to cling onto most anything it comes in contact with, I dug deeper into this product + company (formerly Lanolips) while waiting in line. I found this, “We use what is called ultra medical grade lanolin so it’s three times more pure again.” Medical grade lanolin is used in most every hospital in the US after surgery in open wounds. Being that the Lano lanolin is then purified three more times beyond that (hence “quadruple lanolin”)… I’m sold!


Vitamin E is ultra healing to the body and helps fight against free radicals and environmental damaging effects.


Manuka honey has therapeutic properties, promotes skin regeneration + repairs cellular damage. It also helps hold in moisture and is said that it can actually pull moisture from the air for an even dewier look when applied to the skin.


There are several different Lano products including lips, hands and all over products. This is their “ALLOVER Golden Dry Skin Salve” product that is amazing for super hydrating lips (my favorite way to use it), elbows, knees, cracked knuckles, and even as an uber moisturizing eye treatment. The instructions for that are on the back… I tried it and was amazed!


Where to buy: ULTA, Nordstrom +




I grabbed this gem at one of Anthropologie’s big sales while looking for a gift for my mother in law. Let’s be honest… I only shop at Anthro during their sales, haha! Anchor Balm is a pricey product at $20 a pop but I got it for $12.99. I love a bargain for great products! The smell of this balm is amazing + the fact that it’s scented with only essential oils won me over. It smells of lavender and citrus. Very fresh yet calming.


I love using this balm at night to moisturize my lips before bed because of it’s soothing effects. I also like rubbing it into my temples when I’m feeling stressed and rubbing it all over my hands and then inhaling it in as I cup my hands over my nose. I get why they call it “Anchor Balm”.


The ingredients are: 

  • Organic Almond Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Non-GMO Vitamin E
  • Organic Rose
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil
  • Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

“We never use synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates or “fragrance.”


Organic Almond Oil is easily absorbed by the skin leaving it soft but not greasy

Organic Shea Butter gives rich, lasting nourishment

Beeswax has anti-inflammatory properties that calm and soothe skin while sealing in moisture

Non GMO Vitamin E is naturally high in antioxidants, helps protect skin and aids in wound healing

Organic Lavender Essential Oil helps heal chapped skin and calms senses


Where to buy: Anthropologie + their website 

Captain Blankenship is a women owned company in Maine and their products are made with only organic and wild-harvested ingredients that are domestically grown when possible. After checking them out, there’s so many other products that I want to try!


#3 Coola Peppermint Vanilla Sport SPF 15 Liplux (wow, that’s a long name)

Coola is one of my all time favorite sunblocks for the entire family. They just do it right! They use much safer ways of UVA/UVB protection using at least 70% organic ingredients in all their products and plant derived ingredients to help block the sun’s damage. They are so easy to apply (gotta love the sprays) they have a clear formulation (not milky white like most natural blocks) and have an amazing summery smell that most healthier versions lack. I think they are hella coola… yeah, I just said that + I’m not gonna to delete it.


This SPF lip balm that they have works like a charm!! It goes on smoothly + is great for under different lip products if you wanted to wear lipstick or gloss on top. Lip protection is so often forgotten about but sunburned lips are the worst! This kept our whole family lip-burn free on this trip with so many beach days in the sun. (Their sun block sprays kept the rest of us burn free too!)


I originally got this balm as a “free gift” attached to a can of Coola sunscreen spray and now I’m hooked. Good thinkin’, Coola! It typically runs about $12 if you don’t snag one of the free gift bottles.


I actually need to go buy some more now because shortly after taking this picture my son, Dex picked it up saying “Lips, lips, lips!” as he twisted it all the way up and bit into it! Yes, it smells that yummy too + I guess eating lip stuff must be genetic, lol. (Don’t worry, he spit it out.)



  • Aloe Leaf Extract 
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate 
  • Organic Beeswax 
  • Organic Shea Butter 
  • Organic Coconut Oil 
  • Carnauba Wax
  • Diethylhexyl 2,6-Naphthalate 
  • Candalilla Wax 
  • Soybean Oil 
  • Flavor
  • Organic Sunflower Oil 
  • Peppermint Oil 
  • Octyldodecanol 
  • Organic Avocado Oil 
  • Organic Dog Rose Hip Fruit Extract 
  • Raspberry Seed Oil 
  • Jojoba Seed Oil 
  • Tocopherol 

“Our full line of luxury sun and skincare products incorporate a Farm to Face® sourcing philosophy, using the freshest and most natural ingredients whenever possible.”


I do have to say, I’m not crazy about the fact that they use “flavor” in their ingredients since this is another way cosmetic companies can hide chemical ingredients, but I’m hoping that with their high standards in how they formulate their products and their mission in healthy suncare, that they aren’t going to be sneaky with this.


Where to buy: So many places! Ulta, Amazon, even Walmart carries it at a discounted price of $9.50


There they are… my favorite natural beauty balms to keep you moisturized, healthy + glowing this summer! Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite natural moisturizer. I didn’t go into lotions or body oils… that’s a whole other blog haha, but I’d love to hear any ideas you have to share on anything naturally moisturizing!!


In Health, Happiness + Glowing Skin


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