5 Things I Learned From My Digital Detox

Hello my holistically fit tribe!!

I’m fresh off a 36 day “Digital Detox”,  officially back and I’m so excited to share with you what I learned. I’m going to be completely candid, raw and real and definitely vulnerable with you. My hope is that someone will be able to relate and maybe by the end of this you’ll feel like you can take the lessons and apply them your life, or maybe you’ll feel like it’s time for you to do some unplugging too.


So why did I decide to do a social media detox?


I think any of us connected to multiple social platforms (especially those using it for business and on it even more often) can start to feel the drag of comparison, the endless feeling of never doing enough, saying enough, being enough. We compare. It’s human nature, and some of us have more of that nature in us than others 😉


I felt the comparison blues creep in more than usual, I was comparing my business and my life wayyyyy too much with others I look up to, admire, or just a random account that popped into my feed. This is NOT healthy.


I also found myself so consumed with it… “consumed” that’s the best word to describe how I felt. It had almost become an addiction, which I didn’t realize until the detox (I’ll get into that in a bit).


I’d be playing with my son and he’d tell me to put my phone away because in between every “mommy look at this” or lego tower we’d build I was s c r o l l i n g, posting, curating, etc. This is not the mom I want to be. I found my husband and I on our phones during date night (something I see others do and think how horrible it is for their relationship). I want my marriage to always be lively, connected and mindful. I’d wake up and the first thing I’d do is grab my phone and catch up on everyone else’s life instead of planning out my own. I’d spend much of my day curating, photo shooting, videoing, posting, etc for business and personal. Have to keep everyone up to day on every detail… but I’d miss out on it myself. I’d lay in bed at night just scrolling, while the three books I had started to read but never finished sat on my bedside.


I desire to be a fully present, confident and powerful woman who makes her values her priorities. And my actions were not reflecting that. Just as when food/drink toxins, environmental toxins, or cosmetic toxins start to deteriorate our health, we must take action and detoxify our bodies… in the same way we need to detoxify our minds and lifestyle from the harmful stuff that holds us back from our full potential.


And so I decided (seriously on a whim) that I was done for a month. No social media at all. And here’s what I learned.



Okay, addicted is maybe a strong word… but it had truly become something that I was doing without even thinking about it. I was also dependent on it, I felt like I needed it to feel connected to other’s lives, to be relevant, good-enough, important… what? I didn’t realize these things until about a week in.


My first wakeup call was at 12pm on the second day when I found myself on Instagram without even realizing how I got there!! I had put the app in a folder in the back of my phone that read “DO NOT OPEN” … yup, I did that. And by the subconscious mind which found the app in my most recent app suggestions on my search page, and BOOM I was staring at my feed. When I snapped-to, I clicked out in a nano-second as if I had done something horribly wrong haha! But I knew then that I had to delete the apps from my phone entirely and laughed (in a scared way) at how unconscious getting on social had become for me.


The detox has completely gotten rid of this habit of constantly reaching for my phone every few minutes. It feels so good to be able to sit in a waiting room, parking lot, bathroom, etc. (you know those moments when there’s “nothing to do”) and actually just be with my thoughts and not be distracted.




On the very first day of the detox, my husband came home with “just because” flowers (those are my favorite kind) and while I’d normally thank him and then jump right to trimming and arranging in a beautiful vase in order to snap some pretty pictures to insta story with a gushy message about how much I love him … this time, I just grabbed them, shoved my nose in the petals, breathed them in and gave my hubby lots of kisses 😉 This moment was just for me, for us, and it felt so good!


The connection between my son and I grew so much more because I was FULLY present with him. When we were on a picnic at a splash pad, at a farmer’s market playing with goats, sunbathing in the front yard after pool time… I wasn’t trying to get “the perfect shot” or feeling like I had to videotape the moment, watching it through a screen. There was more eye contact, more laughter, more present moments and it felt so refreshing and rewarding.


Because I wasn’t on social, I missed seeing posts from my close friends and knowing what was going on in their lives, so it opened up more genuine conversation when I texted to ask what they’ve been up to and how they’re doing. I loved this deeper connection that I too often take for granted, thinking that a heart or comment is “keeping in touch”.


I started waking up and taking 10-30min in the morning to just meditate, make my matcha latte, gratitude journal or read before looking at my phone. I wasn’t allowed to scroll, so there wasn’t any temptation to start my day that way. These mornings felt so much more intentional and grounding and it’s now how I choose to spend every morning.




This time away was so important to create a “start fresh” in my business as well. Being that I started in the fitness industry over 15 years ago (deep breath), then moved into holistic nutrition, and life coaching, and have a passion for toxic-free living and EVERYTHING health/fitness/wellness related and want to inspire/coach/teach on alllll the things… I’ve gotten a little scatter brained on the direction I want to go as a business, what ultimate message I want to get across to you, how I want my business to look like with my family moving forward,  and the impact I want to make on the world as a whole.


Taking a step back from the daily pressure of creative content (blogs, videos, marketing, Instagramming, tweeting, Facebooking, guest blogging, product endorsements, etc etc etc.) I was able to really stop and ask myself some questions.


And here’s what I discovered… I want to be a Wellness Advocate for you, focusing on toxic-free living, a positive mindset and a balanced body through holistic nutrition and fun fitness.


And although my journey started in the fitness field,  I’m currently more passionate about life coaching, meditation, super food recipes, and detoxing your mind, body and beauty than sharing an exercise routine. I have many beautiful friends who are super inspiring in the fitness field and I can’t wait to start collaborating with them to share more of that aspect of being Holistically Fit.


I also decided that I am FINALLY going to be starting a YouTube channel! I love being in front of the camera. As an actor, sometimes I feel more comfortable in front of one… but for some weird reason, doing it for my own brand has had so much resistance, fear and procrastination around it. But no more! I’ll let you know when I’m closer to launch and I’ll be starting with a really cool series that gives you an intimate peek into my life (to be announced). The channel will be mostly educational based, focusing on nutrition, life-coaching, and toxic-free living with other inspirational sprinkles because I truly believe education is power when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and I want to feed yo brain!


I’m going to work harder on being consistently consistent haha! Weekly newsletters and blogs, daily posts, more insta stories. It may sound strange that a digital detox gave me clarity that I need to be on it more… but I learned how to get on top of it with future planning and organized scheduling apps for my business instead of rushed daily inspiration. I already have an arsenal of things to share with you in the coming months and I can’t wait! I found that when you feel more in control of social media and not like it’s controlling you, you can still enjoy the benefits without it pulling you down.




I was reminded that I have a unique voice, personality, knowledge, passion and way of doing things. Just because I admire how someone else is doing something, doesn’t mean that I need to be doing it like that or I’m failing.


Now I know I know I know that I just need to be ME, as scary as that is at times. I’m a goofy, desert dwelling mama who enjoys writing poetry, watching sunsets on top of mountains, dancing on tables, or the kitchen… okay anywhere, and my little family is my world. I’m an Aquarius, self-help book junkie, and an ENFP/Blue/Promoter in the personality tests. I’m quirky, a little scatter-brained at times, not at all formal, polished or A-type anything. I love modeling and acting because being on set and creating in that way sets me on fire. And I’ve turned into quite the hippy over the years living that toxic-free life.


But above all, I love love love to help people discover vibrant wellness! I love inspiring, coaching, guiding, educating, sharing, loving, listening, and holding the hands of those who are in search of feeling and looking better, and then really good, and then freaking amazing! That’s why I’m here.


We’re all beautifully unique and as often as I work with my coaching clients to let their unique light shine… I’m finally ready to full do that too.


Here are some things that helped me:

  • Unfollow people who make you feel like you’re not good enough
  • Let go of the fear of what others think (as long as you’re being authentic and kind)
  • Be brave
  • Write down the things that make you, YOU
  • Visualize how you want YOUR life to be designed- starting with a blank canvas




Let me explain… the 36 days I was off of social, I only took a fraction of the photos I usually take, and that makes me sad! It was so so so wonderful being in the moment and not thinking about my phone, but I realized one of the huge benefits of social media is documenting my life because I know one day I am going to want to look back at all these precious moments.


For example, my husband and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on May 9th with a spa day at Well & Being Spa (where I’m the Holistic Wellness Consultant). Their roof top pool has the best view ever, the weather was perfect, my mint mojito was gorgeous and we were pretty darn cute in our robes sitting in the cabana if I do say so myself.  And while being in the moment felt so good, I wish I had snapped a few pics for memory lane.


When I’m thinking about social media, I have my camera at the ready haha! I take pics of all our moments, in case I feel like one of them would be inspirational to post or contains some healthy lifestyle info I could share with you.


I’m going to be honest when I’m thinking about future Instagram posts, I tend to plan more exciting adventures for our family activities and think more about making the moment beautiful like a colorful picnic blanket, coordinating outfits, sunset walks on the beach, and I even find myself appreciating all the little details that make a moment special like the flowers on the table top next to my superfood bowl. See what I mean? I kinda live for the gram, and in a way it makes life a little more beautiful in the pictures and in the moment. (As long as I can still stay present and focused on the true importance of the moment in front of me while snapping the shot)


This is the side-effect of social media that I really enjoy. For this reason (and of course, to interact with you again) I’m really looking forward to being back!


In summary… I’m no longer “addicted” to social media, I’ve become way more mindful and present in the moment with loved ones, I have a clarity in my biz / how I want to help you, and I have a new-found appreciation for the opportunity of social media in our lives.


I’d love for you to connect with me on social if you aren’t already! I have so much in store for you and I’m so excited to share.

Insta: @laurenmcbridetribe

Twitter: @holifitgirl

Facebook: /laurenmcbridetribe


Are you wanting to try a digital/social media detox? Have you done one before? What did you learn? Let me know in the comments below!

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