Shamrock Shake | Happy St. Patty’s!

March 17, 2012

A great way to start your St. Patty’s is with this lucky little concoction! It’s more nutritious than green beer too! 😉 Shamrock Shake: 1 small frozen banana 2 handfuls […]

Trimming the FAT!

March 14, 2012

I absolutely love the term “trimming the fat”. I’m not talking about the fat from your thighs or even the fat from chicken breast for dinner, I am talking about […]

Spring Cleaning for Your Body

March 13, 2012

With Spring almost here and swimsuit season fast approaching it’s the perfect time for some “Spring cleaning” of your body. You have probably heard the buzz about detox diets and […]


March 7, 2012

Do you ever have a hard time falling asleep because you have a lot on your mind and then wake up the next morning useless? Try my simple tips that […]


March 6, 2012

Time your after-work exercise today by doing an interval style workout. A couple minutes of high intensity broken up by a minute of rest. This type of workout will blast […]

Measuring Progress

March 1, 2012

One of the best motivators for continued effort in your health and fitness program is tracking your progress!! Seeing the numbers going in the direction you want is so rewarding […]

Working at Krispy Cream Doughnuts

February 28, 2012

Measuring Up

February 28, 2012

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. […]

Stretch Out Your Time in the Kitchen (For One Day!!)

February 26, 2012

If you commit to being in the kitchen for a good amount of time for one day (I choose Sunday), you can whip up enough food for most of the […]

Flexible Fitness

February 22, 2012

“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”                -Tom Robbins Flexibility is a major component in your overall fitness. I […]

Energize Your Body Through Breath

February 15, 2012

If I told you you could do something to increase your energy levels, anywhere, at anytime without costing you a thing, would you believe me? Better yet, would you do […]

Heart Healthy vs. Heart Breaking Foods | Valentine’s Day Guide to Eating to Your Heart’s Content

February 14, 2012

The season of love is here, the time where we show appreciation to the one’s we love by showering them with gifts and kisses. With Valentine’s Day brings the thoughts […]