Bananas for Bananas

Bananas are the most popular fruit in the US, but do you know why you should eat them, how you should eat them and when? I am quite the monkey when it comes to bananas. I love them in all their versatility, taste and nutritional value and I’m going to show you how make your banana experience the most fruitful.    Why Bananas are the Perfect Post-Workout Fruit: 

  • One of the best sources of potassium- helps with water balance, circulation, heart health & replenishes lost electrolytes from sweat. 
  • Amazing source of B6– helps maintain healthy nerve and brain function & helps breakdown/digest protein for absorption. 
  • Rich in Vitamin C & Manganese– protect against free radical dammage (caused by oxidative stress & exercise) 
  • Restores Blood Sugar- after a good workout, your glycogen level (sugar stored in your muscles for energy) is depleted. Bananas can help restore those reserves and also help regulate blood sugar afterwards. 

  Fruit Facts: 

  • Pick in their prime- green doesn’t always mean “go”… in the case of bananas it means they haven’t fully developed their nutritional value & browning is a sign of free radicals and loss of nutrients. Hint: green also means less sugar content & lower GI. 
  • Keep it cool- refrigerating can slow down respiration rate and keep vitamin content higher, longer. Hint: the skin will turn brown faster, but it’s okay! 
  • The raw truth- vitamins are at their peak when eaten raw, keep it fresh for more value. Chop on top of your morning porridge, greek yogurt, blend in a smoothie
  • GI know- bananas are usually about a 51 on the Glycemic Index scale, making them a “low glycemic fruit” and can actually help regulate blood sugar levels. Sweet! 
  • Go with your gut- prebiotics are prevalent in bananas and help good gut flora flourish by feeding the good bacteria. Eating in the morning after taking probiotics is a win! 
  • Have in the best time- because of their sweetness & replenishing super powers, bananas should be enjoyed in the morning and after a sweat sesh. Late night nana-noshing is not advised if you are weight-watching. 


Breakfast Banana Pops2013-04-26 19.06.45



4 organic bananas cut into 1in pieces  1 cup organic Greek yogurt (or non-dairy alternative like almond or coconut yogurt) 3tbsp organic almond butter  Dash of Cinnamon 2tsp vanilla extract  Stevia to taste  Bee Pollen for sprinkling Popsicle sticks

2013-04-26 20.21.08


Warm almond butter slightly to soften if needed. Mix into yogurt with cinnamon, vanilla and stevia. Roll banana pieces around in mixture, completely covering. Place onto plate and sprinkle with bee pollen, coconut flakes, cinnamon… whatever you’d like. Place popsicle sticks into 1in banana pieces. Freeze over night and enjoy in the morning! 

  In Health and Happiness,  Lauren McBride 

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