BE YOUR BEST SELF- Goal Planning for 2013

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!! image015It’s the last day of 2012!! 2013 is a fresh start, a new beginning, a time to reflect on where we’ve been but even more so to envision where we want to go and who we want to be. I challenge you today to dream, visualize, start creating your 2013 vision board (more on that to come!) and map out goals/plans on how you can be the BEST version of YOU in the next year!! You must create a conscious intent for this to be the best year of your life, establishing a driving force that will direct your daily actions by committing to yourself to make your dreams come true!! It takes much more than a WILL or WANT to make it happen, it take a PLAN and COMMITMENT. KICK START YOUR GOAL SETTING: Journal these questions to create clarity, excitement, structure and commitment to your goals, how you will achieve them and ways to guard against the hiccups that come along the way. Have this plan in hand as you ring in the New Year!! 1. What is my vision? 2. What two goals will support me in moving towards my vision? (Break it down into chunks) 3. By when do I want to achieve these goals? 4. What is the exact scope of each goal? What is involved in their fulfillment? 5. What are the important milestones along the way to reaching these goals? 6. By when will I achieve these milestones? 7. What skills do I already have what will support me in reaching these goals? 8. What skills will I need to develop in order to reach these goals? 9. What assistance or support will I need? 10. How much of my time will be required on a daily or weekly basis? 11. How will I schedule this into my calendar? 12. What are some self sabotaging behaviors I need to look out for as I am going towards my goal? 13. Whom will I ask to hold me accountable for keeping my word and staying on track? 14. What are the consequences of not following my plan? 15. What is the reward for following my plan and achieving my goals? These questions can be found in “The Best Year of Your Life” by Debbie Ford I am so excited to walk with you (or jog) through 2013 as you reach your goals and become the BEST version of YOU! So much to come with Holistically Fit in 2013 and I thank you so much for being a part of it!! Happy New Year! Be safe and have FUN!

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