Eat, Drink and Be Healthy

Holiday Tips to Keep You Healthy and Happy + Healthy Hot Cocoa Recipe!

  1. Dine before you dash- Eating something healthy before going to a holiday party will help you resist the temptations.
  2. No buffet binging- Your eyes tend to be bigger than your stomach, choose a variety of foods in small portions.
  3. Prepare to eat, not cheat– Bring a healthier holiday dish to your parties like whole grain ginger snaps or a veggie platter that won’t be as bad to munch on.
  4. Keep moving- Be physically active everyday. Exercise alleviates stress, regulates appetite and burns off those extra calories.
  5. Slow and steady-Eat slowly and only until you are not hungry anymore… don’t keep eating until a Santa belly appears.
  6. Write it down- Writing down what you eat will provide a reality check on how many calories you are actually consuming and will help you resist in the future.
  7. Let it go- If you over eat one day, don’t let it ruin your enthusiasm. Life is about balance, forget about it and work on getting back on track.
  8. Don’t sip your calories- Alcohol mixed with sugary juices, creamy eggnog, and open wine bars are not your friend this season. Champagne is a good go-to drink with only 80 calories per glass.
  9. Warning signs- If a food is fried, creamy, cheese filled, processed meat, pastry or baked good try to avoid them at all cost. These foods tend to be the highest in fat and calories.
  10. Substitute- There are hundreds of great low-fat and healthy recipes out there for our favorite holiday dishes. Start by substituting unsweetened applesauce for oil, using whole grain instead of all-purpose flour, trying Stevia instead of table sugar and reducing the amount of salt the recipe asks for. Every little adjustment helps.

Holistically Fit’s Healthy Hot Cocoa Recipe:  8oz. Unsweetened Chocolate almond milk Small piece of 70% dark chocolate or 1/2 tsp cocoa powder Stevia to taste (chocolate stevia drops work even better) Warm over the stove until chocolate melts. Stir, pour and enjoy!! You won’t ever go back to the sugar-filled instant version again!

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