One way to get in some extra water during the day is through FRUIT! Cut some up in your breakfast, throw them in a post workout smoothie, or grab a piece for a mid-morning snack. Make sure you choose low glycemic types and you keep them to your morning meals. Fruits are not only packed with water but also antioxidants, health promoting flavonoids and they are one of the richest sources of water soluble vitamins! Holistically Fit Approved Fruits and their water content: 2013-03-22 10.02.03 Grapefruit- 91% Apple- 84% Blueberries- 85% Raspberries- 81% Strawberries- 92% Cherries- 81% Plums- 85% Peaches- 88% Pears- 84% Oranges (a little higher glycemic index) – 87%

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