Finding Your Fitness Groove

“I just don’t know what to do in the gym… and it’s intimidating walking in there.”


“I absolutely hate fill in the blank (ie. burpees, the treadmill, etc).


Can you relate? These are two super common reasons/excuses that hold people back from reaching their goals, or even getting started. If this is you, I want to shake you up right now and get you to break out of the box-gym mentality and free yourself from structured workouts. Living an active lifestyle can be on your terms!


It’s pretty obvious, but when you make your workouts fun + interesting, you’re more likely to stay committed and see the results you’re after.


I always say,  “It’s better to be fit to live your life, than to live your life to be fit.” This means that you don’t have to “slave away” at the gym or drag yourself through miles of running, hating every moment of it in order to be fit. You get to choose how you move and exercise your body, so make it something you enjoy!! (ehemm… if you love the gym + running, that’s freaking awesome + keep doin’ it!)

If you loath the treadmill, but love hiking outdoors… get your cute little booty on a hiking trail! If you don’t ever want to do a burpee again in your life, but you can’t wait for your next Zumba class… keep dancing!


I’m not saying you shouldn’t challenge yourself or that workouts should be easy or even that you’re going to be excited to workout every time. There’ll definitely be days that you just want to hit that snooze button, sit on your butt and forget about your sweat sesh. Let’s be real, there will be lots of those days. But if your workout is something that inspires you and makes you feel amazing after the last drop of sweat hits the ground, it becomes easier to push through, make it happen and in the end, be so happy you didn’t sleep in.


Nothing should hold you back from an active lifestyle. There’s so many fitness classes + options available now that no fear of walking into a “meat-head” gym or not knowing the proper form of a prone reverse fly should hold you back from getting that healthy + toned body you desire.


So girl, what I’m saying is… there’s really no excuses if you want it bad enough. If you want to be healthier and lose those extra unwanted pounds that slow you down in life and keep you from being your best… If you really want to make it happen then, I want you to realize that fitness is at your fingertips!


Fitness has changed SO much since I started in this industry as a personal trainer over 14 years ago! We are no longer in the age of gym memberships, dumbbells + and Tae Bo VCR tapes being the only options to getting fit.



Fitness is now wherever we want it, whenever we want it. There’s fitness apps that track your running distance, daily steps + heart rate and encourage you along the way. EBook HIIT programs in instant download like Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and the hot and new-to-the-scene Kick-Ass Training Guide by my good friend Danielle Pascente that will whip your body in shape in less than 30 minutes a day in your living room, with little to no equipment. And thousands of FREE YouTube workout videos are virtually waiting for your Google search.


If you’re wanting to try something new, here’s a list of some of the hot + trending workouts out there right now…

Soul Cycle

Pure Barre

Orange Theory


Aerial Yoga

Rope wall yoga

Pole dancing fitness

Zumba or Groove


Boxing classes


Can’t choose which one you want to try next? How about all of them! There’s an amazing business here in AZ called ClassPass that gives you access to dozens of incredible fitness studios for one membership price.

Boring workouts are not my thing! And after 10 years of training clients in the gym … I honestly don’t like stepping foot in a traditional weight room, so guess what? I rarely do! I’m always mixing it up. I load my workout plate with the things I love + get outdoors whenever I can.


Here’s what a typical week looks like for me right now:

M- “Party on a Bike” Cycle class

T- Hot Vinyasa Yoga

W- HIIT workout outside

Th- Boxing or Zumba

F- Barre

S- Hiking

Su- Rest + Recover


You CAN have a healthy lifestyle that you enjoy. You CAN have a more youthful/strong/toned body. Don’t let excuses get the best of you and don’t let fear hold you back. You’ve just got to find what inspires you to move!


I would love to help you find your fitness groove! Check out my Get Moving program. We work together to design the perfect workout schedule that will get you results while enjoying the journey!


Try something new this week! Take a class you’ve been intrigued by, purchase Danielle’s #KATG, download an app you’ve heard people raving about, Get Moving with me or simply step outside and get your heart pumping. Let go of the excuses and go make it happen!


I’d love to hear from you!! Share with us below- 1 workout/exercise you cringe thinking about + 1 workout/exercise that sets your heart on fire… I’m excited to see what you say!


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