Fitness Snacks | Simple Ways to Fit Fitness in Your Life

What is a fitness snack? It is a simple act of fitness that you add in your day to burn just a few extra calories that add up in a big way! Some easy ways to add fitness snacks into your everyday life:

  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, even if you have to walk further away to get to them. (Burn calories, not electricity)
  • Park on the FAR side of the parking lot instead of driving in circles for 3 minutes to find the closest spot (you know you do it! 😉
  • Do calf raises while brushing your teeth in the morning, and squats while you brush at night.
  • Take a walk after dinner instead of plopping in front of your HDTV. (This is of course for those of you who live in warmer climates like me here in AZ, but if you can bundle up and do it, go for it!)
  • Do you live fairly close to the grocery store or another place where you run errands? Grab your reusable bags and take your bike or walk there instead. (Save on gas too!)
  • Do lunges from room to room during the day. (This might look a little funny at the office, but hey, you might inspire someone. Your house is a safe bet.)

Adding these mini calorie burners to your day can add up to an additional 500-700 calories a week which could lead to an additional 10lb of fat loss a year! So get snackin’! 🙂 I challenge you for the rest of the week to fit in as many fitness snacks as possible, and burn baby burn! In Health and Happiness, Lauren McBride

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