Food for Thought Friday: Persimmons

Feeling a little crazy this Friday? Want to try something new? How about an exotic fruit?  The pretty little Persimmon is not as common here in the states as it is in China, Korea and Japan- but this autumn ripe, orange & acorn shaped fruit has been gaining popularity in the last few years.  It’s low in calories, high in fiber, vitamins A & C and manganese… providing lots of health benefits with unique new flavor to intrigue your palate.  2013-11-15 12.37.13 BENEFITS:

  • Helps you stay youthful- high in antioxidants,quench free-radicals & help prevent DNA damage that can lead to signs of aging and cancer. 
  • Weight loss & healthy digestion- high in fiber to keep you feeling fuller and sweeping your digestive system clean. 
  • The cure for the hiccups- yes, believe it or not, the persimmon is used by Chinese medical practitioners as a treatment for the hiccups. 
  • Better Eye Sight- high in vitamin A which helps improve vision.


  • In moderation- eating the persimmons in excess can cause a sticky substance to form in the stomach. 
  • Raw- the fruit should be eaten when it is slightly soft, yet still firm. 
  • Dried- this is a great way to enjoy the fruit as well! 
  • Baked- often used in cakes, pies and puddings. 
  • Slice them over plain Greek yogurt. 
  • Add to smoothies

2013-11-15 12.38.41 Have you tried a persimmon before? How do you like it? What ways do you prepare it? Share with us your thoughts or questions.

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