Friday Favorites: Inspiration

2It’s Friday Favorites again and I want to share with you ladies some of the things that are inspiring me at the moment, in hopes that they will inspire you as well! So let’s get started…

JESSICA ALBA I think it’s important to have role models in life, whether it’s someone you personally know or someone in media that you look at how they do life, and say to yourself… “yup, they got it goin’ on, I want a piece of that action”. For me right now, it’s Jessica Alba. You may have seen a recent Instagram post of mine gushing about her. But seriously! This woman. I can relate to and admire her on so many levels. She is a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur (owning a billion dollar company) she’s environmentally conscious (by creating earth friendly and safe personal and home products but also by decorating her living spaces with vintage furnishings and décor), she’s fit and healthy (featured on this month’s cover of Shape Magazine) and of course a very well known actress and insanely gorgeous. She does it all… but on top of all of this, the girl is humble, kind and the sort of person I would want to be friends with. For all of these reasons she is currently my woman crush and my inspiration. Disclaimer: while it’s so important to have someone you look up to, it’s also important to know that you will always see someone’s highlights and rarely their struggles portrayed in media. Know that everyone is human and we all struggle, fail, fall and have messy lives at times. Let their successes propel your momentum forward; don’t let it make you feel less because of where you are right now. We all have a backstory that rarely gets told. I’m sure even Jessica Alba, with how flawless she makes things seem, has had her fair share of hard times to get where she is today.

MOTIVATION MANIFESTO Okay, do me a favor and add this one to your “To Read” list right now! My friend Rachel introduced me to this book. She even did a blog about it that you can watch here. She was so pumped about it, so naturally, I went on Amazon and purchased it right away. (Thank you Amazon for One-Click purchases and free Prime overnight shipping) Side note… I originally said to myself that I was buying it for my husband’s 30th birthday, and I would read it afterwards, but when it came to the door I couldn’t resist digging in, so that didn’t work. Let me tell you… I cracked the book open (it comes in a majestic hard cover leather-like binding that feels so powerful) and the first page, the first paragraph, heck, the first sentence created so much energy in me that I got goose bumps and my heart began to race a little. Don’t believe me… let me share with you the beginnings of this book, “There comes a time in the lives of those destined for greatness when we must stand before the mirror of  meaning and ask: Why, having been endowed with the courageous heart of a lion, do we live as mice?” See what I mean?! Goose bumps right?! I have only begun to embark on this book… but it is easily one of my top inspirations right now. Some of the focuses of the book: Freedom, fear, motivation, meeting life with full presence and power, reclaiming our agendas, defeating our demons, advancing with abandon, practicing joy and gratitude, not breaking integrity, amplifying love and slowing time…. Pretty amazing, hu? I have a feeling this book is going to permanently sit on my bedside, and I just might have to buy my husband his own copy!

NAMOMSTE Isn’t that the cutest name ever? This amazing new wellness movement going on in Scottsdale is all about moms coming together for a happy and healthy life. It’s being birthed out of Modern Milk which offers fitness classes for new mamas and the brand has adorable shirts, mugs and power bands (shown in photo above) with their catchy name. Get on the forefront of this movement by checking out their website, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. #NAMOMSTE

MUSIC OF COURSE Music is always a huge motivator of mine! I am so effected by lyrics and a good tune. It gets my body moving, my heart pumping and lifts my spirits! Right now I am loving the 8tracks app on my iPhone and I’m currently listening to the “Summer Vibes” station a lot. It’s great music to play by the pool, at the beach or to energize a workout or run. The keywords are “electronic” “summer” “chill” “dance” and “feel good”. Check it out!   Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend and live INSPIRED! xx, Lauren

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