Friday Favorites: Summer Beauty Essentials

4 I have been wanting to start this Friday Favorites series for a while now. I have so many questions about different products that I use, and so this is going to be a fun way to share with you all my current obsessions. It may be healthy snack foods, natural beauty products, workout apparel, companies that I love… we’ll just wee how it evolves! Today I want to share with you some of my favorite summer beauty essentials. It’s a hot and sweaty summer and we are showing lots of skin and flashing our pearly whites in vacay photos with friends, right!? So, I have a few products that I think you’ll also love for this time of year. Let’s start with your smile. It’s hard to find a natural toothpaste that works really well, makes your breath smell fresh and helps whiten your smile (no Instagram filter needed).

I found this fluoride-free gel by Jason when I was pregnant and needing something to help keep my teeth white since I wasn’t able to use my typical Crest Whitening strips while growing my baby in my belly. It’s called PowerSmile in peppermint and it’s pretty amazing. I found it at Whole Foods but I am sure any health food market will carry it, or you can find it here. It’s only a 2 on the Environmental Working Group’s “Skin Deep” score. If you aren’t familiar with this health scale for personal/beauty products, go download the app like right now!! It’s an incredible resource to determine if what you are using is helping or poisoning you. A 2 is very low, therefore very healthy for you, yay!

Next obsession is Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter… OMGeee!! This thick, silky cream will change your world. Well, at least your skin’s world. Being out in the sun, swimming and if you’re in AZ with me, the dry dry heat can make your skin not-so lusciously dewey looking, you know what I mean!? BUT this stuff doesn’t care about the elements, it sinks in and hydrates like no one’s business. To make it even better it’s a yummy vanilla-coconut scent that makes you want to lick it…but don’t! 😉 I use this neck-to-toe right after a shower and right before bed. You will wake up feeling like a summery skin goddess. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby, you can find it here.

There is one downfall to this product… While it is packed with shea butter, coconut oil, fruit and flower extracts and organic ingredients, it does have the word “fragrance” on the ingredient list. This is something I try to avoid most of the time because this is a loop hole in the beauty industry. Manufacturers can hide thousands of chemicals under the term fragrance without having to expose what they are. I am giving Trader Joe’s the benefit of the doubt on this one that they aren’t hiding anything from me… and I hope I am right because I can’t imagine giving up this stuff.

Okay, on to my facial wipes. I discovered these gentle cleansing cloths when I was pregnant as well. I usually have extensive facial routine including cleansers, toners, eye cream,  moisturizer, skin brightener, etc. I brought these on my baby moon to Hawaii as an easy way to clean my face without loading up all my goo into travel size containers and fell in love! When I got home I stopped using everything else because my skin looked amazing by just using the cloths and it felt better to reduce the “stuff” going into my skin while I was pregnant too. I still use these and they are so convenient to throw into your gym bag or bring to the beach. They come in different smells like chamomile, cucumber and orange peel too. These are also a 2 on the EWG scale!  You can find them here, and while they can be pricey, I have found them at TJ Maxx a few times for only $3.99. The last favorite product for you today is Argon Oil!! Have you hear of this amazing oil from Morocco? It’s is commonly called “liquid gold” and I understand why, because I use this oil for everything! It’s non-greasy and non-irritating, it soaks in your skin gloriously and is the perfect facial moisturizer. Yes, oil on your face!

I also use a few drops to soften cuticles, elbows, knees and at the ends of my tresses to smooth split ends. It can help calm frizzy hair too by rubbing a few drops in your hands and applying to damp hair as a styling agent. You may have seen several products that claim they are made with Argon oil… but be careful because most of the time these products have a ton of other nasty ingredients and have Argon oil at the bottom of the list (meaning it only contains a small amount). The best bet is to get the pure oil, and better yet, organic. The one I really like is by Aura Cacia. I found it at Whole Foods, but you can also get it here. Do you have some natural summer products that you absolutely love? Please share below, I would love to try them out. Also, let me know if you get your hands on any of the ones I recommended… It would be great to hear your thoughts.

In Health and Happiness,

Lauren McBride

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