Get Rid of Hot Pockets in Your Life

Do you feel like never ending busyness has a grip on you? Maybe it’s hard to even find time to get in a decent workout, plan a healthy meal or have some much needed R&R and time with friends? My challenge for you today is to discover the “HOT POCKETS” in your life. No, not the frozen greasy pop-tart pizzas 😉 I mean pockets of time that you spend doing something unproductive and unfulfilling. It’s great to do unproductive things during your times of R&R, but here’s what I mean:

  • The extra TV show or two that you really don’t care for but you are too tired to get off the couch so you sit through it anyway. Positive Change: Turn off the tube and save 30min-1hr. 
  • Sifting through junk mail. SPositive Change: Set a filter to archive all uneccessary emails and save 15+ minutes a day. 
  • Excessivley Pinteresting/Facebooking (I swear these are the modern day slot machines… they are designed to suck us in!) Positive Change: Give your self a time limit and stick to it! Think of how much time you’ll save! 
  • Mindless routines that may be taking more time than necessary. Positive Change: Revamp your routines to be more time effective and shave off some extra minutes throughout the day. 

What are your “hot pockets”? Identify them, decide how you can change them and then watch your pockets of time free up. Helpful Hint- when they do, make sure to fill them with healthy habits, like working out, eating healthy, relaxing and socializing with good friends. In Health and Happiness, Lauren McBride

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