Get Up. Dress Up. Show Up. Never Give Up.

get-up-dress-up-show-up8Why is it that our best intentions always happen to be in the future? That incredible workout we plan on having tomorrow is always so satisfying in our mind and the cost of waking up earlier, venturing out into the cold and sweating at the gym seem so worth it in the long run… we are motivated!    However, the next morning under your warm blankets, the alarm goes off and the sting of the reality is more tangible. With squinting eyes you reach your arm out into the chilly air… and hit the snooze.

It’s not that we’re fickle and flaky or that our goals aren’t important… we just need a better game plan to get over these mental roadblocks that keep us from succeeding.  Here are 5 simple rules you can set for yourself that will help you get up, dress up and show up, all while enjoying the ride and remembering why you’ve jumped on in the first place. 

1. Make your workouts non-negotiable by committing to yourself that you will workout every day. This leaves no wiggle room for choice. No putting it off. No “tomorrow’s”. Whether this means the gym, the park or rolling out your mat on your living room floor, just GET UP and get there! Sudden changes in your schedule are not an excuse, only a reason to be more organized. Always have a plan B. Take it every day at a time.

2. Prepare yourself for success. Set out your workout clothes the night before and have your bag packed with a water bottle, towel, head phones, heart rate monitor… everything you need for a great workout so you can wake up, DRESS UP and be out the door in minutes. The longer you have to think and find excuses not to go, the harder it is to stick to the commitment. 

3. It’s up to you the intensity you’ll take it to. Once you’re there, maybe it’s a restorative yoga day or it’s an all out HIIT workout kinda morning… or maybe you just sit and people watch (seriously!) Giving yourself this breathing room to reduce the performance pressure will make it easier to SHOW UP. But I promise once you’re there the motivation will kick in. (Hint- you can’t sit in the car in the parking lot of the gym… that doesn’t count, get your booty in the door)

4. Make it come from the heart. Keeping your workouts fun, exciting or something you enjoy will help with your motivation and re-focusing every day on the emotional reason why you are training and improving your body will drive you forward so you NEVER GIVE UP. Discover what activities dazzle you and do it! Search deep down for the true reason why you want to reach your goal so bad…maybe look at your vision board, an old photo of you at your ideal weight or a motivating quote and re-focus every day. Think of every crunch, every step, every drop of sweat as getting you that much closer to it.  

Put these steps into action now, not tomorrow, right NOW. Get up because you are committed to every day, dress up with the clothes you have already prepared, show up to the workout (or non-workout) of your choice and never give up because you enjoy it and you want it bad enough.   

In Health and Happiness,  

Lauren McBride

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