Happy Earth Day: 7 Selfish Ways to Greenify Your Life

Happy Earth Day!

How cool is it that we have a day devoted to being more mindful of how we treat the earth!  I want to encourage you to go bright green, get friendly with eco and find your inner tree-hugger, not just today but everyday. It’s not only good for the health of the planet, it’s also good for YOUR health. It can be simple and seriously fun too, promise!

My Top 7 Selfish Ways to Greenify Your Life:

  1. Plant a Garden- delicious carrots, cucumbers, rosemary and mint… they are all super easy to grow5 and what’s more organic than freshly picked from your garden?
  2. Light a Candle- Using candle light at night is more romantic, and cuts down your electricity bill. Stick to soy or beeswax versions that are scented with essential oils for the healthiest choice.
  3. Bike It- Take the scenic route and ride your bike or take a walk if you need to run somewhere close by, especially in the beautiful spring weather!
  4. Buy Local- Turn your grocery shopping spree into a farmers market haul and help lower emissions used to transport your goods while exploring new foods.
  5. DIY- Swap out toxic chemicals for a few items from your pantry (lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar) and make your household cleaners. It’s healthier for your family and the environment. I love searching on Pinterest for new recipes…who doesn’t like a little DIY?!
  6. Get Thifty- Buying previously loved items decreases your carbon footprint and can turn into a fun treasure hunt. Imagine finding the perfect vintage Levi cutoffs!!
  7. Make it Quick and Cold- Once a week keep your shower water chilly; it lowers your energy usage but it also works to boost your immune system, energize you and make your hair shiny too!

Let me know in the comments below which tip you want to start using more in your life, or if you have a fun eco-friendly trick please share it with us!!  In Health and Happiness,  Lauren

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