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QOTD While it’s hard to swallow, I agree with this quote. I have personally experienced how the mind can get in a big FUNK when you focus too much on health & fitness. Getting too wrapped up in looking a certain way, eating super clean, working out and trying to be perfect along the way can have horrible implications on our mental health. This is one of the reasons why I started Holistically Fit. I learned first hand how the mind is a huge part of our overall health and that we can’t be truly healthy or fit if we don’t also have a healthy mindset. Hence, being a part of the holistic (whole- mind, body, spirit, heart) approach.   Being consumed by anything in our life is not healthy, even if it is the pursuit of health itself. Life needs balance. While pushing yourself to get to the gym, eat right and live a healthy lifestyle is a positive thing, coming down too hard on yourself for slip ups and allowing negative mental talk is not.    Let me give you some examples of my personal opinions; Eating healthy the majority of the time is awesome for your body, but not allowing a glass of celebratory champagne, or a bite of your mom’s delicious home cooked meal may be too disciplined. Having consistent workouts is what your body needs, but if you find you choose the gym over special events and occasions in your life, you might need to think twice. Watching your weight on the scale is a good way to track progress (notice I didn’t say great) but if seeing an extra pound on the scale is enough to ruin your day, maybe it’s time to give yourself a little slack. See what I’m saying?   Like anything else we can change a situation by simply changing our perspective on it. Here are a few ways to view health and fitness that can help with the health of your mind while you are working on the health of your body.   Truly believe: “There is no such thing as perfection, only progress.” Perfect would be boring anyway!! Don’t aim for it because it’s not obtainable; just make sure that on a daily or weekly basis you are moving in the right direction. One or two little slip-ups are okay! That’s life… it’s dirty, crazy, unpredictable and so much more fun that way!   Take an “active acceptance” approach to your health, loving your body for where it is, but also loving it enough to get it healthy and fit. Don’t punish your body with exercise and eating right in order for it to look a certain way… instead nourish and move your body because it’s what it needs to perform, feel and look it’s best… see how nothing changed here except PERCEPTION.    Listen to your self talk. We all have that little voice in our heads that can be super critical. Catch yourself when you think negative thoughts about yourself & counterbalance it with a positive self statement. For example if you hear in your head, “You will never look like her, no matter how hard you try.” Counter it with a conscious thought of, “I don’t need to look like anyone else, I just need to work on the health and fitness of my own body and look and feel MY best.”     Preserving the health of your body and the health of your mind is totally possible, and totally necessary in order for us to be the best versions of ourselves. It just takes a little self love, change of perspective and a lot of practice. Find the unique balance that works for you.    In Health and Happiness, Lauren McBride 

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