Heart Healthy vs. Heart Breaking Foods | Valentine’s Day Guide to Eating to Your Heart’s Content

The season of love is here, the time where we show appreciation to the one’s we love by showering them with gifts and kisses. With Valentine’s Day brings the thoughts of doting over your loved one with chocolates, teddy bears, and mushy Hallmark cards. It is the celebration of how our heart feels for another, but what about showing how you care about his/her heart? We call our significant other, “sweet heart” or “heart throb”, we pop heart shaped candies in our mouth and heart shaped chocolates with surprise centers. In the month of February it’s virtually impossible to look anywhere without spotting the shape. It’s clearly the mascot of the holiday, displayed in abundance in every imaginable shade of pink and red. But, with so much attention put on our hearts, why shouldn’t we focus on what it takes to keep it healthy and strong? Since “food is the way to a man’s heart”, there is a good chance some type of a meal will be involved in your Valentine’s Day plans this year. Whether it is a night out to a romantic restaurant or a candle light dinner at home, make sure to follow your heart when deciding what to eat. While you may have your heart set on eating chocolates till your heart’s content, be sure to take a peek at the best and worst foods for your ticker. Heart Healthy Choices

  1. Salmon– the fish your heart loves.
  2. Flaxseed (ground)- add to an oatmeal cookie recipe to pump up the heart-healthy value.
  3. Walnuts– sprinkle over a homemade salad with raspberry vinegarette
  4. Red wine– toast to your love and good health, but keep it to one glass.
  5. Blueberries and Strawberries– a great dessert to hand feed him.
  6. Sweet potato– an appropriate name for the occasion and good for you too.
  7. Asparagus– this natural aphrodisiac is great grilled and brushed with olive oil.
  8. Oranges– add to champagne for a little bubbly bonus as you cheers to your love.
  9. Dark chocolate– yes, chocolate can be good for your heart in moderation so reach for the dark stuff.
  10. Tea– enjoy a “spot of tea” together and indulge in the benefits towards your health.

Heart Breakers

  1. Donuts- rather, “do-nots”.
  2. French fries- those happy meals won’t make your heart very happy.
  3. Soda/Pop- swap for freshly brewed tea for guilt-free sipping.
  4. Margarine– trade in for coconut oil shown to decrease LDL cholesterol levels.
  5. Ice Cream- skip the sweet cream and just add some more kisses.
  6. Tempura- the red flag in the menu if sushi is your plan for the night.
  7. Store-Bought Cookies- make your own healthy version to win his heart.
  8. Pretzels- tying the knot is usually a good thing unless it’s about your bread.
  9. Cake, Muffins, Pastries- he’s sweet enough, right?
  10. Chocolate Bars, Candies- jump off the bandwagon this year, but if your must- go dark.

Love, Lauren McBride

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