It Takes Two

The month of love is here and many of us are thinking about losing those few extra pounds and impressing our love ones with a tighter more toned physique. Chances are your sweetie is thinking the same thing. Help inspire each other to get into better shape and improve your health by doing it together. Flip the Switch Get sweaty in the gym together and pump iron with him side by side or bring him along to your yoga studio for an intimate couple’s session (no shoes required here). Maybe even try something new together like a latin dance class. Working out together can bring a new found excitement and motivation to the mix. Fun V-Day Fit Tip: A half hour matress mambo session can burn up to 150 calories! Accountability Partner When you decide to shift into health mode it is always helpful to have someone as your copilot. By making the decision together it is much easier to keep each other accountable to eating right and working out. No more excuses about the other one tempting you with junk food or taking your only time to workout. If you commit to being each other’s biggest supporter you both will succeed. Friendly Competition Some couples are driven by competition. If this applies to you two, set specific goals and ways in which you will reward each other when you achieve them. Make sure to have the goal date set anytime other than Valentine’s Day as you don’t want to be disappointed if you haven’t quite gotten there yet. Also make sure the competition is friendly and motivating. Remember, you want your partner to win just as much as yourself. Encourage them to keep going and enjoy the rewards. Relay Race This is a great way to help motivate each other while getting a killer cardio workout. Start by walking together on side-by-side treadmills at the gym. One of you will start running as the other walks at a challenging pace. As the runner approaches ¼ mile he or she signals the other to get ready. As the ¼ mile marker is hit, the runner resumes to a brisk walk as their partner “takes the baton” and starts to run. The person walking should encourage and motivate the runner to keep going. Continue this pattern until you have accumulatively run 2-3 miles. Spice it Up Instead of the normal wine and dine this year try cooking new dishes together that are delicious and healthy at the same time. This is a great opportunity to spend quality time together and keep up with your healthy lifestyle. Find a healthy recipe that sounds appetizing to you both and heat up the kitchen. As you decide to get fit together, remember to always encourage one another. If one slips and falls off track, it is a chance to pull the person back up which can help strengthen your realtionship too. After all the hard work, your reward will come on Valentines Day (and beyond) when you both have tighter bodies to show off, and an appreciation for each other’s hard work. In Health and Happiness, Lauren McBride

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