Juice the Rainbow… FREE Printable!

It’s St. Patty’s Day and everyone is wearing green, and talking rainbows… and I am no exception!  It must be your lucky day because I’m giving you a free downloadable printable (that’s a lot of “ables”) called “Juice the Rainbow”. If you are jumping on the juicing craze (good for you and welcome) or you are curious and wanting to learn more, this little doc. will help you choose which fruits and veggies you should be juicing to get the health benefits that YOU need.

A little hint: it’s all in the color!

Color indicates specific antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other body-loving nutrients in fruits and veggies. Print the download and stick it to your fridge or keep it nearby your juicer to help you decide which colors your body needs that day.

Screenshot 2014-03-16 21.45.49Download Now

Happy St. Patty’s!! Stay safe, wear green and don’t get pinched! Oh… and switch your green beer for a little green juice tonight with me. Cheers!!

In Health and Happiness,

Lauren McBride

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