Juicy Sunday


For the next 2 weeks and throughout the summer I am challenging you to join me for Juicy Sundays & here’s how it works…   Juicy Sunday is essentially a 24 hour juice fast that gives your digestive system a break, allowing your body to detox and cleanse itself. It is not a true blue fast since you will be consuming calories and nutrients, but since you will be limiting your calories this day, it is advised to take the day off from rigorous training and instead focus on it as a day to recover and rejuvenate for the next week. A light yoga session, stretching and some sauna time are great options for Juicy Sundays!    Starting Saturday after dinner until Sunday at dinner you will only consume delicious fruit & veggie juice.  

2012-10-21 15.03.32 Sample Plan: 

8AM: 8oz Room Temp Lemon Water & 8oz Fruit/Veggie Juice 10AM: 8oz Fruit and veggie juice & 8oz herbal tea  12PM: 8oz Fruit/Veggie Juice & 8oz. coconut water 2PM: 8oz Fruit/Veggie Juice & 8oz water with lemon  4PM: 8oz Veggie Juice and 8oz herbal tea 7PM: light dinner salad consisting of raw veggies, avocado and lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for dressing.   Time-Saving Trick: Make 16oz. of juice every 4 hours. Place 1/2 in an air tight jar for the next juice time.    New to juicing? I’ve got you covered with Juicing 101. And check out some of my favorite juicing recipes here and here Don’t have time to juice or have a juicer? Here are my favorite on-the-go options.   If you join us for Juicy Sunday let me know by tagging your photos on Twitter and Instagram @HoliFitGirl #JuicySunday I’d love to see what creations you come up with!  In Health and Happiness,  Lauren McBride 

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