Keep Moving Forward… Baby Steps

3It was so magical watching my 6 month old, Declan learn how to crawl on his hands and knees this weekend. He’s had the army crawling down for over a month and a half now and has been trying to fully crawl for quite some time. Fall after fall, I could see the determination in his eyes. Fail after fail, I could see his little mind learning more and more, each time getting stronger, more balanced and focused. And then it just clicked! Hand, knee, hand, knee and he was off!! Now he’s crawling up and over pillows and pulling himself to standing nothing seems like an obstacle to him anymore… just a challenge to be conquered.

I am writing this because this applies to our lives as well. We have goals and dreams for ourselves. It may not be easy and we may not succeed the first, second, or 30th time we try but we have to keep moving forward. Sometimes it takes a little re-grouping, a moment to re-focus, get your feet under you again, but always keep moving forward.

Imagine if Declan had given up, thought it was too hard and decided to just “sit” instead. Imagine all of the things he would be missing out on, all the learning and growing, & exploring.

I just had an amazing life coaching session with one of my clients today. She has set some life-changing goals for herself that will completely revitalize her! However, life had gotten in the way the last few weeks and set her back, making forward movement more difficult. This is the time when it’s easy to forget your progress, throw your hands up or even run away and hide. I am so proud of her because she came to a realization this week that she deserves this and that no matter what, she is going to fight for it. She has re-grouped, re-focused got her feet back under her and is ready to keep moving forward; one step at a time. Baby steps.

You can succeed and you will succeed if you set your mind to it, work your butt off for it and not only believe it will happen, but believe you deserve it. Once you do accomplish your goal, there inevitably will be the next challenge to take on, the pillows (ehem, mountains) to climb and you too can take off ready to conquer anything.

I can’t wait to watch little Dex begin to learn, fall, grow, and eventually take his first steps.  Baby steps.



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