image023Happy Friday Everyone!!! I have been away for a little more than a week and missed you all! The hubby and I went to San Francisco and Napa and had a ball! Vacations tend to be a time of a little overindulging (especially when you are wine tasting every day :/ ) and not getting in as much exercise, but there are ways to bounce back quickly. Here’s what I did: -Herbal liver detox tea- Dandelion Root tea or Yogi has a great everyday detox that is really good too. -Drink LOTS of water to rehydrate and replenish – Drink your Hotty Toddy every morning to boost your metabolism and and flush toxins. -SWEAT tons… get it all out of your system -Eat CLEAN- load up on veggies and fruit, juice if you can and give your stomach time to relax so your energy can go towards detoxing. (Check out the Liver Cleansing Foods Image I created for you all… maybe even print it out) – Increase your FIBER- add psylllium husk to your protein shake or prunes and oatmeal to your breakfast. -Take a hot epsom salt bath or enjoy the sauna or steam room- again for sweating. -Rest up and get in some Zzz you may have missed on your trip – Jump back into your exercise routine… it’s easy to veer off course when on vacation and difficult to steer back in the right direction when you return. The sooner you get back to your routine, the easier. I hope these tips and tricks help you this summer to stay healthy and happy!! So much coming up with Holistically Fit!! I’m so excited to share it with you all!

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