Loving Your Body

Love-your-Body-During this month while we are focused on showing our affection towards others, take a moment to love yourself as well. We are all too often our own worst critics and don’t give ourselves enough credit for the amazing women we are. Our shapes, figures, personalities and passions are unique to us and us alone. Celebrate you this month by learning to love your body for where it is right now while embodying the confidence to improve.

 Be conscious of your thoughts, because your thoughts become your beliefs. If you continuously criticize your body, dismiss compliments from friends, or focus on the aspects of your body you wish to change you are slowly shaping your mindset for disappointment. A low self efficacy leads to low motivation, and small chance for improvement. Have no fear; this little habit is easy to reverse with some effort on your part by putting some of the suggestions below into action. And sign up for the Holistically Fit Valentine Pamper Program here. You’ll get a new all-natural DIY treatment every day leading up to Valentine’s Day to help you look and feel your best… because you deserve it! 


Love-your-body-5Do you find yourself walking down the street comparing your figure to the women who walk by? Do you skim through magazines wishing for the physique of the women gracing the pages? Having a goal to work towards and a visual in your mind of what “healthy” and “fit” looks like can be a great motivator. But if you are striving to mold yourself into someone else’s shape, it can actually keep you from achieving improvement. With no expectations, allow your body to trim and tone into the fittest, healthiest you and you’ll be amazed at what you discover. We are all designed uniquely and should strive to reach our own personal potential, not that of others.


Make note of the times you compare yourself to another woman on the street. Stop the negative thought and acknowledge an aspect about yourself that you like. This may not even be a physical trait. It may be something such as, “I have beautiful eyes” or even “I am an amazing mother to my kids”. While it may seem awkward at first to give yourself a compliment, the more you practice the more natural it will become. Before you know it you will be exuding confidence and possess more drive to make personal improvements.


Give yourself a little pep-talk. Every morning while brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or getting dressed for the day repeat in your head a positive phrase. Choose one from below or feel free to create your own. These statements don’t have to ring true at first. The more you tell them to yourself the more you will begin to believe and see them manifest in your life.

– I am healthy, happy and radiant.

– I am improving every day , better and better in every way.

– I take good care of my health and fitness because health is wealth.

– Every cell in my body is healthy and happy.

– I am healthy, wealthy, sexy and slim.  


Accept compliments gracefully from friends and family members instead of pushing it aside or Love-your-body-3-counteracting it with a personal put-down. As women, we are very prone to deflecting nice words from others. Someone makes a comment about how nice that dress looks on you and the initial reaction is negative. We often say things like, “No way, this dress is so tight you can see my stomach rolls.” This automatic reaction dismisses the positive and replaces it with a negative in your mind, thus further solidifying your negative self image. Instead, try simple appreciation and acceptance of the kind words such as, “Thank you, that is very nice of you to say”. You can then walk away from the conversation feeling good about yourself and use it as motivation for the future.  


Engage in a new activity such as hot yoga, rock climbing, or water aerobics. Challenging your body with something new will help you learn more about your abilities and limitations. The more you learn about your body the more you can appreciate what it does for you. As you continue to exercise on a regular basis, you will find new confidence in your shape and potential.   Of course nutrition plays a large role as well. Make sure you view what you eat as fuel and not simply as something to satisfy your taste buds or to make the grumble in your tummy go away. You truly are what you eat; every cell in your body is nourished with the food you consume… so respect your body enough to nurture it with healthy whole grains, veggies, fruits, lean protein and lots of water and your body will love you for it.  

A healthy body image is a strong foundation for a healthy body. See yourself as you truly are, focus on your strengths and your weaknesses will fade away.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In Health and Happiness,

Lauren Showers     

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