image025“Today is Memorial Day, when we recall all those who gave everything in the darkness of war so we could stand here in the glory of spring.” I am enjoying my time with family today, and reflect on my appreciation for those who have fought for my freedom. I’m letting loose a little with my diet today too with some good BBQ and a yummy drink. (Recipe below from the Slimmer Summer E-book last year). If you got a little crazy this weekend, I will be posting some tricks on how to rebound, re-boot and refresh next week. 🙂 I got your back! ~~Slimmer Sangria~~ 1 bottle Merlot 1 liter club soda 10 large strawberries cut in half 1 orange sliced 1 cup fresh cherries, pitted and cut in half 1 green apple chopped Stevia to taste Mix all ingredients except soda, refrigerate for an hour. Add soda and serve!

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