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It’s hard for me to believe but when I started in the fitness industry over 12 years ago as a personal trainer, I had the typical understanding (and misinformed “knowledge”) that health and fitness was all about “Eating clean and lifting weights”, “calories in and calories out”, “chicken, broccoli + whey protein shakes”, “work out hard and do cardio like crazy.”

File Jan 27, 1 02 18 PMEven with this flawed philosophy I grew my business of happy personal training clients who were losing weight and looking great, I won the “Amercia’s Fittest Model” competition in California (and the next day felt “fat”), began fitness modeling and landing covers of magazines, spokes modeling for various nutrition and fitness companies, ran a very successful boot camp at sunrise and sunset with several 1 on 1 clients in between. I was working out 6 days a week, sometimes 2x a day, eating my egg whites, chicken and asparagus and protein shakes on the go. I was in the best shape of my life yet never satisfied with my appearance, I was burning the candle at both ends and running on all cylinders and THEN …

I found myself lying in a hospital bed with wires glued to my head monitoring non-epileptic seizures that had gotten so bad, I was unable to function on a daily basis.

I thought to myself, “How did this happen? I was at my peak; I was eating clean and working out. I was fit, which meant I was healthy, right?! I was living out my dream, what went wrong?“

At that moment, I knew I had missed the mark. I realized there were pieces to the fitness and health puzzle that I was missing. I “looked” super healthy + fit… I was toned and tanned like you wouldn’t believe… but I was stressed, sleepless, overwhelmed and under way too much personal pressure to perform. While I had never dealt with an eating disorder, my diet was very limited and strict and wasn’t very full of color or flavor. I was go-go-go… no down-time, relaxing or restoration.

With all of these stressors in my life and the imbalance I had created, my body responded and said “no more”. It basically shut. down.  Everyone responds to stress differently. Some get ulcers, some migraines, some lose their hair and others have heart attacks… my body began having shaking spells and moments of becoming catatonic (going limp and unable to move/momentary paralysis) super scary!

After 3 nights of my siezures being monitored the doctor came in and literally diagnosed me saying, “Girl, you just need more yoga in your life.” (I kid you not).  At first I thought he was a kook! He told me that the seizures were non-epileptic and a physical manifestation of the stress in my body. He said I needed to find a way to release stress and “chill out”. He was telling me I needed to slow down, I needed more balance, I needed to take care of ALL of me, not just my body.

Being the research and wisdom junkie I am, I dug deep into what taking care of “all of me” meant. I dug deep into what a holistic lifestyle looks like, something that I had discovered shortly before the “crash”.  My eyes began to open.

I started practicing everything I was learning and began getting more sleep at night, drinking more water, and doing stress-relieving activities. Instead of just lifting heavy weights I was now also lifting heavy things up to God. I became more in tune to the types of foods I was eating, not just for their caloric value but also for their nutrient density and nourishing effects on my body. I started transitioning my foods to organic, alkalizing, cell nourishing foods and learning how to live a detoxifying lifestyle. I started challenging my body and mind with yoga, meditation, and positive affirmations.

As I began to implement these new practices, I started to not only feel strong physically again; I was now strong mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I felt more vibrant, alive, alert and whole.  This was health. This was true fitness. This is what I was missing.

As I was healing I studied and became a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach to round out my fitness knowledge. I had developed an entirely new concept of health and fitness. I knew that once I got back into the game I had to bring this newfound knowledge to my clients. And so, Holistically Fit was born.

I now know that having the “perfect body” is pointless if you don’t feel your best too. I know that there is a way to have the body you want while enjoying the journey and not over stressing.

I now want to share this profound philosophy of fitness with you! I want you to feel alive, vibrant, healthy, happy and fit! It’s an incredible way to live. Whether you stumbled upon my site or someone sent you my way, I truly believe you are here for a reason. I look forward to helping you discover a WHOLE new you!