A New Way To Think About Weight Loss + Wellness

It’s true, we’ve been taught the wrong way to think about our health and nutrition.


We’ve been told that we must only DO certain things to lose weight and be healthier; like eating clean, counting calories, exercising, taking supplements, drinking water, etc. What we’re missing is the UNDOING that’s necessary. I’ll get to that in a minute but let’s first talk about calories.


We’ve been taught it’s all about calories. Calories we eat vs. how many we burn through exercising. Macros. Carbs, Protein + Fat. Don’t eat too many, don’t eat too little. It’s all about your calorie count, right?




We should be putting SO MUCH MORE emphasis on how many chemicals and nutrients are in our foods than calories. Don’t get me wrong, calories have their role too. But if you are junking up your body with toxins, and nutrient void foods your metabolism is going to suffer along with many other things.

I’m going to be honest, when I was first starting out in this industry as a personal trainer 15 years ago I believed the “calories are king” myth. After watching some of my clients, no matter how strict they were at sticking to my nutrition plan and showing up to their training sessions, could not get to the weight loss that others saw more easily.

I knew there was something missing.


Fast forward quite a few years and quite a bit of schooling to become a holistic nutritionist.

I now know it’s because there are so many other factors involved beyond how many calories we eat including our hormones, acidity in our body, metabolism, inflammation, mental focus, gut health, sleep patterns, and overall how well our body is functioning as a whole.


And guess what? Toxins negatively affect all of these factors!

The truth is, a toxic body is much more likely to carry extra weight than a “clean” body.

It’s pretty obvious nowadays that we need to start being more sensitive to our chemical exposure. We see BPA-Free, GMO-Free, Organic, Toxic-Free labels on products all over the place, helping us make safer choices.

We’re more aware now than ever before.


If there’s nothing more you take-away from this post, I want you to know this- It is so important to remove toxins from our bodies and lifestyles in order to keep our hormones in balance, our energy high, our minds clear and our bodies functioning at their prime so we can see the health and fitness goals we’re after… and well, look youthful and live an abundant life too!

We must UNDO the damage that’s already been done. Supporting our body’s natural ability to remove the toxins that it’s overburdened with.

Because the fact is, as miraculous your body is, it wasn’t designed to keep up with the toxic load in our modern-day world and it needs your help.

Creating a clean slate, a toxic-free body, is the best foundation you can have for a fit and healthy lifestyle.


I’m jumping a head a bit… but I like to go even a step further than just detoxing the body because we all know how toxic thoughts hold us back, right?! For this reason, removing the negative mental habits we have is crucial to a life of vibrant wellness as well.

I’ll be sharing so much more about this soon.


But for now, here are 5 simple toxic-free hacks you can start doing RIGHT NOW to help you keep the junk out of your system and add some support to your body’s natural detoxification processes.


5 Toxic-Free Health Hacks

#1 Start purchasing organic foods based on the Dirty Dozen, Clean 15 (I cut it down to 13- watch the video below to find out why) and a third list that I created called the 10 Pretend Foods. These lists show you which foods are okay to buy conventional, and which ones you should absolutely always buy organic to avoid harmful toxins.

Check out the video below to learn more about the 10 Pretend Foods.


I’ve got the downloads ready for you below, so you can pin ‘em, save them your phone, print and put up on your fridge… whatever works for you!



#2 Say no to dry cleaners who still use “PERC”. If you really thought about it, you wouldn’t consciously choose to soak your clothing in chemicals that are “known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects” and then wear them on your naked body all day, right? Now that you’re conscious of it,  look up organic cleaners in your area.


#3 Avoid handling store receipts for too long. The majority of receipts are made of thermal paper and contain BPA. Studies have shown that handling a receipt for only seconds allows for it to leach into your blood stream. Avoid using alcohol based hand sanitizer when handling receipts as well because this increases the skin’s ability to absorb it. BPA is an endocrine inhibitor that’s linked to breast cancer, diabetes, obesity and hormone abnormalities in children.


#4 Take a warm Epsom Salt or Magnesium Chloride Salt bath to help draw toxins out of your body. Plus, it’s amazing for smooth, beautiful skin! Learn more about the benefits of magnesium baths here.


#5 Stop believing that the past determines your future. This is a mental detox exercise that will help you let go of excuses in your life and remove the weight of labels that come with backward thinking like “failure”, “victim”, “screw up”, “not good enough”. It’s true that what you think- you become. Once you decide that you can begin anew right now, the future is a much brighter place and it all begins in your mind.




Now you are in the know! Counting chemicals and nutrients over calories is important. A toxic free body is able to function better on all levels. The 10 Pretend foods should be purchased organic. And a toxic mind needs detoxing too.


In Health, Happiness + a Toxic-Free Life,



PS. The last dirty secret of mine… (as promised in my newsletter) is that I love wine and dark chocolate. Isn’t this every woman’s dirty secret? But here’s how I clean it up… I choose organic red wine since grapes are heavily sprayed OR I drink a glass of water with food-grade activated charcoal beforehand to capture and remove the toxins from my body. (helps with hangovers too!) I also like to find 75%+ organic fair trade dark chocolates as a healthier option.

Maybe give your honey these hints for V-Day?


PPS. If you haven’t taken the “How Toxic Are You?” quiz yet… get your results and download your free ebook here. 


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2 thoughts on “A New Way To Think About Weight Loss + Wellness”

  1. Great article. Can you tell me what brand you use/how much etc for this?

    OR I drink a glass of water with food-grade activated charcoal beforehand to capture and remove the toxins from my body.

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