1000px   This week I am challenging you to SHINE! I love this word right now because it has so many amazing meanings. I am always motivating  you girls to get in your Rise & Shine workouts and to let your light shine to the world. I can’t get enough of the song “Shine On” by Florida Georgia Line and an article that recently empowered me was Shine Theory: Why Powerful Women Make the Greatest Friends by Ann Friedman. This word seems to be everywhere right now… but what does it mean to you??    shine  (shn)

v. shone (shn) or shinedshin·ingshines

1. To emit light.
2. To reflect light; glint or glisten.
3. To distinguish oneself in an activity or a field; excel.
4. To be immediately apparent: Delight shone in her eyes.


You may have heard me say before (or many times before) to be the BEST version of yourself. I believe that when we are happy, healthy and vibrant we are being a light to those around us; SHINING, excelling and inspiring others along the way. 
This may mean, waking up earlier, eating healthier, working out harder, smiling more, loving yourself, drinking more water, laughing out loud… whatever it may be that it going to make you a better version of yourself to let that light out! 
So with this week’s Positive Affirmation, “Today is a NEW day and I CHOOSE to SHINE” I want you to make that commitment to yourself every morning that you will do what it takes to be your best and shine your light to others. Pin it to your Pinterest board & repeat the affirmation to your self while you are in the shower, brushing your teeth, blow drying your hair, drinking your super smoothie, driving to work… you get the point ; ) And then live it out throughout the day! 
Shine On!
Lauren McBride 
2013-07-17 13.27.06

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