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Personal-Empowerment-GuideCreating a beautiful year filled with inspiring activities, growth, and improvement takes hard work. My hope is that you come to the end of 2014 feeling that you gave it your best and not reinstating the same New Years goals because you didn’t manifest them in your life.   An activity that I like to do at the beginning of the year is creating a Personal Empowerment Guide for myself that gives me a daily guideline of the things I want to fill each of my days with that lift me up, inspire me, and make me my best.   I am challenging you this weekend to create a Personal Empowerment Guide for yourself and start checking them off each and every day so that you are able to achieve your dreams in 2014.   What is a Personal Empowerment Guide?   It is simply a list of activities that make you feel good. They are action steps you take throughout the day that are important to you. After creating your list it should look like the best day you could imagine (besides being on a tropical beach without a care in the world… unless that’s your reality, go for it girl!)

Here is my own Personal Empowerment Guide to give you an example:   8 hours of sleep Rise and Shine morning stretch and quick workout Hotty Toddy Tea Green Juice/Smoothie Look at my vision board Get dressed & dolled up in something I feel powerful in Eat 90% lean, clean, fresh and green Drink ½ my body weight in oz’s of pure water  Think Positive   7 Hours of working on projects/career 30 minutes cleaning/organizing Connect with family and friends Walk the dogs and catch up with my hubby Evening workout  Make a healthy dinner together Shower/Bath & one pampering thing Read my Bible and inspirational book before bed Journal & Pray     You may have some similar activities that empower you, or they may all be different. There is no right or wrong activity to include in your list. It’s what make YOU feel alive, vibrant, connected, motivated and unstoppable. Think about what nourishes your mind, body, spirit and heart.   Not every day is perfect, and you may not fit it all in every day but having the guide will help keep you on track and remind you what’s truly important. It may help you get off social media, limit your TV watching, mindless snacking, or whatever it is that dis-empowers you. (I have a little list of those things for myself as well)    Let me know on Facebook if you created a PEG for yourself and how it feels once you put it into motion.  

In Health and Happiness,

Lauren McBride

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