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Happy 2016!!


“Life will show us the way towards achievement if we only allow ourselves to remain focused on that which we want to see manifest in our lives.” – Josh Hinds

  The secret to success in a new fitness goal or New Year’s resolution is to focus with intensity on what needs to be done to achieve the goal and then a follow through with just that. However, we live in a multi-channeled universe which seems designed for distraction. Therefore, it is the process of channeling all of our scattered thoughts and forces into one powerful-guided direction that will help us achieve success. Many of our lives are filled with daily distractions of e-mails, and phone calls, social gatherings, unexpected circumstances, work meetings, kids and stress that can all deter us and pull us away from our ultimate objective. Life is full of such distractions; therefore the challenge is not to avoid them, but to overcome them through intense focus.   DREAM WITH DEDICATION The New Year presents an amazing opportunity to step back and evaluate your life. It is a chance to wipe the slate clean, reinvent, challenge, and improve your ways. When making your goals this year, I encourage you to dream BIG. See yourself at your highest potential and reach beyond it. Even large goals can be possible to achieve when you set your mind to it. Whatever your resolutions may be, make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely). A general goal may be “I am going to lose weight.” A S.M.A.R.T goal would then be, “I will lose 15 pounds by March 1st by eating a healthy diet and exercising with my personal trainer three days a week.” By structuring your objectives in this way you are more likely to succeed. If a goal will take quite a bit of time to achieve, setting smaller timely objectives along the way will also help to keep you on task.   After determining what your fitness/personal goal is, I encourage you to write it down. There is something intriguingly powerful about putting pen to paper when a decision is made. As if it were a divine contract with your spirit that it will be accomplished, the statistics show that you are much more likely to reach your destination whether physical, mental or spiritual when it has been written. Posting this declaration of personal purpose in places you will see everyday will remind you of your decision and help keep your eyes steadfast on the goal.   PREPARE WITH PURPOSE In order to maintain a lasting focus it is important to vividly visualize that which you wish to obtain. You should be able to picture yourself in the state of achievement. Feel the emotions involved; the way you look, feel, and your state of mind. Using as many senses as possible will help to make the experience more real in your mind. The greatest part about visualization is that your brain doesn’t know the difference between external visions and internal ones. When you feel yourself drifting away from your focus, go back to that visualization and experience it all over again. Daily meditation is a great way to practice visualizing and to keep you on the straight path. You should have a dedicated time every day to step aside from the daily grind, take a deep breath and refocus your energies on the direction of your life. Use this new (again) found energy to take action. Utilize the momentum of the moment to propel you into a process of planning and the execution of your goals.    EXECUTE WITH ENTHUSIASM It is much more enjoyable to imagine ourselves already at the finish line with the trophy in hand, than to think of the many pain grueling and sweat breaking steps we usually must take in order to get us there. Even so, we must not let the glow of our lofty goals blind us from the necessary everyday realities we must carry out in the pursuit of our vision. Every decision of everyday that lies in the path of your pursuit should be in favor of reaching your goal. Not “some”, “most”, or even “almost every”, but “every” decision you make should be made with purpose. When you can have this type of dedication, nothing will have the power to stop you. Practice saying “NO” to your old ways. This is a new year and new you, make it happen.   CHEERS to the best year of your life!  Lauren McBride 


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