Purple Power Smoothie

It’s already in the 100’s here in Arizona, so we’re spending lots of time at splash pads with Declan around the valley, luckily there are plenty!


A few weekends ago we spent the day picnicking and running around Scottsdale Quarter which has a soft spot in my heart. We used to live just down the street and you could find me there almost every day at True Food Kitchen, Juby True, shopping, working on the patio or at the splash pad with Dex. If you’re in the area, it’s a must-go. They have a beautiful grassy area to throw out a blanket, grab some to-go food from one of the restaurants and let your kiddo(s) go wild in the huge splash pad.


After spending the day running around we were THIRSTY for a big yummy Super Food Smoothie when we got home. Declan specifically requested a “purple” one so this is what I whipped up.




Smoothies really are the easiest, most delicious way to pack in tons of nutrients into your day. Try making them a part of your healthy lifestyle habits by starting your morning with a smoothie filled with fruits and veggies, make a smoothie snack sprinkled with superfoods or end your day with one that’s focused more on protein and healthy fats.


Since this smoothie is packed with super foods and Declan loves talking about how he gets Super Powers from his food (I love this so much) I decided to call this the Purple Power Smoothie.




Ingredients (serves 1 meal or 2 snacks):

Then just blend it all up together to the consistency you like! Pour into your cups and sprinkle with the hemp seeds. Coconut flakes (organic/unsulfered) would be really good on this one too!



Orgain Almond Milk– this milk alternative is a favorite of ours because it has an added 10g of plant protein for every serving and Declan loves the taste of it. We add it to smoothies, overnight oats and even drink it on its own.


Chia Seeds- this super foods is super high in Omega 3’s


Hemp Seeds- this is a wonderful super food to add to your diet if you are a vegetarian or vegan because it’s a complete protein which is hard to find in plant sources.


Moringa Powder- this incredible super food also contains all 9 essential amino acids making it a complete protein. With 25% of it being protein it’s unusually high for a plant. It’s a rich source of iron, Vitamin K + E. Moringa has one of the highest antioxidant contents of any food with an dORAC value of 157,000. That’s 6x the ORAC of goji berries and similar to the antioxidant powerhouse, matcha.  The skin benefits of Moringa are so powerful protecting, repairing and preventing cell damage, and lowering the aging process of the skin long term. This is definitely an internal beauty supplement. There are honestly so many other health benefits fo this incredible plant that I’m going to reserve it for its own blog, but I think you get the point that it’s smoothie-worthy!!


Collagen Proteincollagen is an incredible beauty supplement, strengthening hair, skin and nails making them grown faster, stronger and more shiny. It also supports balanced hormones and bone/joint health since collagen itself makes up 90% of your bone mass.


Pitaya- also called “Dragon Fruit” this superfruit is rich in potassium, iron, fiber, antioxidants, B2 and Vitamin C. The rich fuscia color proves it’s high antioxidant levels and is fun for the kiddos. I like to use Pitaya Plus because they’re organic and have frozen, unsweetened packets that are easy to throw into a smoothie and blend up.


Frozen greens + berries- I always throw these into my smoothies to up the antioxidants and sneak in more veggies into Declan’s and my diet. Freezing kale, spinach or even steamed zuchinni are my favorite and always with strawberries, raspberries and blue berries. I love Costco’s prepackaged greens and berries pouches because they’re organic and so simple to use!


MCT Oilstanding for Medium Chain Triglycerides, this healthy fat is derived from coconut oil. It has the power to boost your metabolism, increase energy, help you think more clearly, improve digestion, balance hormones, improve your mood. So it’s a no-brainer addition. (Oh… and it’s super brain healthy too!)


Enjoy as you gain super power health 😉


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