Make this Tuesday a Total Body Training day! Here’s a quick 30 minute total body workout (including warm up and stretching) that will have you burning head to toe. Warm up with 5 minutes of jump rope & then rolling out/dynamic stretching (40 second intervals with 20 second rest) Squat Jumps Pushups Split Squat Jumps Triceps Pushups Deep Sumo Squats with heel raise Mountain Climbers Alternating Backward Lunges Dive Bombers Alternating Lateral Lunge High Knees with arms out in front (Repeat 1 more time!) ABS 60 second plank 50 bicycle crunches 40 toe touches 30 lying leg lifts (keep back to the floor) 20 active side planks (each side) 10 V-Ups Stretch and roll out!! Wheeewww! You’re done. Try it and let me know how you did!! 🙂

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