REEBOK | How my vision board is already helping me turn my goals into reality!

I want to share with you all something very exciting! I have been telling you about how amazing VISION BOARDS are the last couple weeks and shared with you my very own vision board (always a work in progress). I know that many people may think that they don’t work or don’t understand how focusing on what you want in your life can actually bring it into reality… BUT I want to share with you how one of my visions is already becoming a reality and it isn’t even the end of January! As you can see in the photo, I have Reebok Easytone shoes on my vision board (twice!). I have put them on my board not because I want another pair of their shoes (even though they are awesome and I love them) but because it has been a goal of mine to model for them. I have no connections with Reebok and haven’t done anything in the direction of getting my foot in the door, other than visualizing myself in one of their commercials, print ads or DVD’s. For some reason I have been focusing more on Reebok than some of the other things on my board lately. So…. I’ll get to the point. I got a phone call from my modeling agent yesterday and he told me that I got booked for a video/print campaign with Reebok for their new Easytone shoes and I am on my way there right now! Dreams do come true, prayers are answered and vision boards do help your goals become reality! 🙂  Start your vision board this weekend! If you already have one, please post it and show me what it looks like. Sharing your dreams also helps push you to make them happen! 🙂 Have a Thankful Thursday! Lauren McBride

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