What if you could go from fatigued, flabby and in a rut to energized, toned, and extremely motivated in only 7 days!

Slimmer in Seven

The fast track to a leaner, lighter, more confident you

2020 is your year!
No more excuses, girl! I'm here to help you make it happen.

I know you want to start the year off right and get your body tight. The past years of not meeting your New Year's fitness goals might be giving you a sense of guilt… but STOP! You are here now, you can make better choices now, you can commit to yourself now and see the results you’ve always wanted!

I totally get the need for instant gratification and while quick fixes aren’t the way to go for long term health and fitness… it is one of the best ways to catapult you in the right direction for finally committing to a healthy lifestyle. And let me tell you, it’s amazing how much inspiration the Slimmer in Seven creates as you watch your body transform in only 7 days. The best thing about it is that you won’t be compromising your health, starving yourself or spending hours on a treadmill. (Can I hear a halleluiah!?)

I’ve used this system myself to compete and win in fitness model competitions, to prep for bikini modeling gigs, to feel my best for my wedding day and even to rebound after my baby was born!

And now I'm sharing all the tips and tricks of my secret method with you!

The Slimmer in Seven eBook is desinged to get you leaner, lighter and more confident in the shortest time possible without extreme measures.
No diuretic pills, no excessive sweating, no starving.

Yes, you're going to look hot, but you'll be healthy too!

Everything is laid out for you day by day...

  • what to eat
  • how much water to drink
  • when to exercise

I made Slimmer in Seven the simplest, straightforward method for tightening up your body and feeling amazing in only one week!

What I've got for you, girl...
  • A science based, personally tested and perfected method of eating and training to get you the quickest and healthiest results possible
  • Daily step-by-step guides to keep you rocking through the program
  • Over a dozen body tightening recipes- we’re talking smoothies, pancakes, omelets, super food snacks, metabo-boosting salads and more!
  • Body tightening workouts that WORK and get you that after burn effect so you’re killing calories even far after your sweat sesh.
  • My all-time favorite metabolism revving drink recipes to get your body burning calories, detoxified and nourished.
  • Your new-bod, no-brainer grocery list, check check check!
  • 10 tips you need to know to help you capture your draw-dropping results
  • A checklist of simple lifestyle changes that have body-changing effects
  • The 5 best ways to measure progress (you’ll be surprised what #5 is)

This is what I need! Send it to me now!

Slimmer in Seven is not for everyone!

The program is for you if you...

  • SO need that perfect kick-start to a healthier lifestyle
  • have an event coming up and you want to turn some heads
  • are ready to do what it takes to transform your body and your life, bring it on!
  • have been in a rut for. so. long. now. + just need something to kick your butt back in gear!
  • know that you can do anything for one week, a little pain for a whole lot of gain? Yes please!
  • are still using the “it’s baby weight” excuse and ready to finally get your body back!

The program is not for you if you...

  • believe you can get the body you desire without a little sweat and sacrifice
  • “have no time” and aren’t willing to “make time” to better yourself
  • like collecting programs and don’t ever get to actually doing them (warning: purchasing and printing this eBook will not tighten up your body, wink-wink)
  • just can’t stand it when people stare at you because of how good you look and the positive energy you bring into the room.
  • are preggers (come back after your little nugget is born!)

Slimmer in Seven Praise

“Preparing for the Miss Arizona USA pageant, I wanted to look my best, but I also wanted to feel great mentally while on stage. Quick results programs can often leave you feeling drained, but not Slimmer in Seven! Lauren has designed a system that really helps you tighten up while maintaining mental energy, and it’s totally do-able! I walked on stage with so much confidence because I had my best physique to date! I’d highly recommend this to anyone who wants to look and feel amazing, fast!”

Bella Hibbs
Miss Scottsdale USA

“The dramatic effect on my energy levels, focus and endurance to my physical activities has all been amazing.

I have NEVER been a morning person. NEVER. Day 4 of the Slimmer in Seven I was getting up at 6am every morning refreshed and ready to go. I cannot remember the last time I woke up feeling like I had had a good night’s rest and didn’t feel groggy and ready to bite someone!

Best part is…I didn’t even feel the stress of the “diet.” Not once did I feel limited in my selection of food. With Lauren’s clear instructions as to what my options were I focused on what I could eat, not what I could not. THANK YOU!” ❤

(Ruth lost inches all over! 2 inches in her waist, 1.5 inches on her thigh + 1 inch on her arms in only 7 days)

Ruth Berny
Masseuse | TX

These are my own results I just got from the program before a friend's wedding. I was feeling puffy, bloated and stressed; but Slimmer in Seven snapped me back into gear like it always does! I lost 1.5 inches in my waist, 3/4 inch on each thigh and 1 inch on my hips. It's the best get-in-shape arsenal to have at hand whenever you need it.

Yasss! Get my program now!

A bit of hesitation is totally normal … I completely understand. This is an investment of your time, money and energy so let me answer some questions you may have to ease your mind and help you decide if this is the right program for you:

  • Do I need to have a gym membership or own fancy workout gear to do the exercises?

    Nope! You can do these workouts anywhere. All you need is some space (like your living room), your body, and of course your favorite playlist to jam out to!

  • What if I have allergies or dietary restrictions? Can I still do this program?

    Yes! You can choose to either follow the super-simple day by day recipes provided for you or you can customize it to your needs using the “Approved Foods” list and diet program guide.

  • Am I going to be really hungry during this program?

    Far from it! You’ll be burning a ton of calories and so replenishing with lots of healthy, nourishing food is important. You’ll be eating 3 meals and 3 small snacks a day, actually!

  • What if I do the entire program and don’t see the results I had hoped for?

    This one I’m not even worried about, because I know you will be thrilled with the outcome. BUT… to ease your mind about it I would be happy to give you a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied with your results. All you have to do is email me (lauren@laurenmcbride.com) to let me know your concerns and that’s it. I’ll send the money right back to your pocket and you can keep the program! Happy dance!

Okay, now my question for you is…

Are you ready to be your best? I have a feeling you wouldn’t have made it this far down the page if you weren’t! This is what you’ve been looking for… and in only 7 days you’ll see more results than you have in the last 7 months. And it’s gonna to feel soooo good!

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