Reset Sunday Guidelines

The best way to start the week is waking up feeling energized, healthy, and optimistic, right!?

That’s why it’s so important to hit the “reset button” on Sunday- focusing on cleansing the body from the week before, resting, recovering and getting prepared to have another incredible week ahead.

“Reset Sunday” is a once a week mini-cleanse that we do from Saturday after dinner until Sunday at dinner. It’s a 24 hour juice fast to boost your immune system, improve digestion, elevate mood + remove toxins from your body that slow you down. It’s essentially your restart button!



  1. Start your Reset right after your Saturday night dinner. Only drink water or herbal tea before you go to bed.
  1. Only drink the recommended liquids (given below) until Sunday before dinner.
  1. Enjoy a veggie-full, nourishing meal for dinner.
  1. Optional- drink a natural laxative tea, like Senna leaf to help your body rid itself of the toxins in the morning.





Purified Water

Things to add to your water: lemon juice, lime juice, chlorophyll drops, organic fruit or cucumber slices (don’t eat).


Fresh Pressed Organic Juice

You can either juice yourself or buy at a local juice bar. My favorite Phoenix local juice bars are Kaleidoscope, Juice Core + Juby True. If you’re buying at the grocery store, make sure it’s organic + I prefer the Suja brand. A good rule to follow: have your more fruity juices in the morning and green veggie focused juices in the afternoon.

Fruity Juice Examples:

  • Beginner: Watermelon + lime + mint
  • Advanced: Green apple + carrot + ginger + lemon

Veggie Juice Examples:

  • Beginner: Beet + carrot + fennel + kale + lemon + ginger
  • Advanced: Chard + dandelion + celery + cucumber + mint + lime + ginger



This fermented tea is super healthy for your gut by providing probiotics which can help fight candida overgrowth, support mental clarity + mood stability.


Fresh Nut or Seed Milks

These help with satiety while you’re going through the reset. It’s good to drink one of these around the time that you would have lunch, when hunger may be a little stronger. You can either make your own nut milk by blending nuts and seeds with water and using a nut bag to filter or purchase at your local juice bar or natural grocer. A little cinnamon, vanilla, Grade B maple syrup, dates or stevia/monk fruit to sweeten the deal is okay too!


Potent Tonics or Detox “Shots”

Many juice bars will sell detox “shots” that are packed with very potent ingredients to help the body detox, boost immunity, rev your metabolism, etc. These will usually include things like chlorella, chlorophyll, oil of oregano, sea buckthorn, ACV, ginger, garlic, etc. If you are drawn to one of these, give it a try. Or make a shot at home! Try juicing ginger, squeezing lemon, and adding cayenne + turmeric powder.


Coconut Water

This is a great way to get in some electrolytes, and a little sweet variety into your reset. I like to add a bit of fresh lime juice to give it a mojito taste.


Herbal Tea

Caffeine free tea like ginger, peppermint, dandelion + chamomile can help you drink more water and support healthy digestion, removal of toxins, and even calm you down at the end of the day. These are optional additions and not necessary.




7am:   Warm water with ½ lemon juiced + Peppermint Tea

7:30:   Kombucha + Coconut Water

8:30:   Organic Cold Pressed Fruit / Veggie Juice + Ginger Tea

10:30: Organic Cold Pressed Fruit / Veggie Juice + Dandelion Tea

12:30: Naturally Sweetened Nutmilk

1:30:   Detox Shot + Coconut Water

2:30:   Organic Cold Pressed Veggie-Focused Juice + Dandelion Tea

4:30:   Organic Cold Pressed Veggie-Focused Juice + Chamomile Tea

6:30:   A healthy dinner consisting of organic cooked veggies, bone or veggie broth, garlic, + healthy fats like avocado and olive oil. (See nourishing soup recipe below)

9:30:   Natural laxative tea before bed (optional)








Your Reset Sunday is also a day to rest + recover. Since you won’t be consuming many calories and we’re working on giving your body a break in order to focus its energy on detoxing… take it easy today.

However, it is good to keep your body moving and not stay stagnant all day either because our lymphatic system, (the garbage system of the body, taking away waste from our tissues and into the blood stream) doesn’t have an active pump to keep it flowing; it relies on the contraction of muscles for it to flow and remove harmful junk from the body.

A leisure walk, a Yin or Restorative yoga class, or stretching and foam rolling your body out are great ways to get your body moving during the reset. Better yet, if you have access to a trampoline, rebounding is the best way to get lymph flowing + it’s fun too!



Here are some additional options to put the cherry on top of your Reset Sunday. They’re optional and not necessary to see amazing benefits.

  • Skin brush your body with a dry bristle brush in short strokes toward your heart. (stimulates lymph flow)
  • Enjoy a hot bath with Epsom salts + essential oils like lavender + chamomile.
  • Drink a natural laxative tea at night to make sure you get rid of all those toxins in the morning (I like Traditional Medicinal’s Smooth Move)
  • Say positive affirmations throughout the day like “My body is becoming healthier and I am becoming happier.” or “I am alive, energized and grateful”


You’re going to feel great! I’d love to know if you join us each week. Tag #resetsunday and/or @laurenmcbridetribe so I can see you and cheer you on! Comment below and let me know if you’re “IN”!!


If you’re looking for even more results (weight loss, flatter tummy, glowing skin, toned body) in a short period of time… definitely check out my Slimmer in Seven program which will get you lean, light and confident in only a week! And then continue with the Reset Sunday to help maintain your results.


In Health, Happiness + Fresh Starts,



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