It’s Monday!! Your outlook on the day is up to you. It can either be the “Monday Blues” or the beginning of a brand new and opportunity filled week! image030To make today a little sweeter, here’s a recipe for a refreshingly blue post workout protein shake: 1 cup coconut water 1 serving vanilla protein powder (I prefer an organic/vegan) 1/2 cup frozen organic blueberries 1/2 banana Optional: 1 serving of frozen or powdered acai- for higher antioxidants 1 scoop glutamine powder (optional)-helps with muscle repair The protein helps rebuild and repair muscle tissue that has broken down during your workout. The sugar (fructose) from the fruit helps replenish glycogen stores within your muscles. The antioxidants in the blueberries (and acai) help fight against free radicals created during exercise, keeping you youthful. The coconut water helps rehydrate your body and is high in potassium like the banana helping to balance your electrolytes that you just lost through sweat. Today is what you make it! Be the best version of yourself and don’t settle for less. 🙂 Happy Monday!!

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