Trimming the FAT!

I absolutely love the term “trimming the fat”. I’m not talking about the fat from your thighs or even the fat from chicken breast for dinner, I am talking about cutting out of your life the things that don’t belong, are bogging you down or holding you back from being the person you desire to be. In a very similar way, excess body fat weighs you down and stifles your effectiveness.  So let’s learn how to cut out of our lives the habits, activities and people who simply need to be trimmed away so that you can become a lighter, healthier and happier version of yourself. HABITS TO TRIM Bad habits can become such a part of life that they are hard to recognize and even harder to remove or replace. First step is acknowledging your ways that need to be a thing of the past. It may be going to bed too late and not getting enough sleep, watching too much TV at night when you could be taking the dog for a walk or spending time with loved ones. Bad habits can be simple things like keeping candy in your drawer at work for an easy grab when your stressed, gossiping about co-workers or binge drinking on the weekends as your go-to entertainment which backtracks your weight loss efforts. Now it’s time to trim! Tiny changes can make a HUGE difference in your life. Once you have spotted those habitual evils, write them down. Under the bad habit, write down a newer, healthier habit to replace it. Then under the new habit write a reason why you want to cut out the bad habit and how it will change your life. (For a greater effect make this reason something that is emotional for you.) Under your reason write a reward for yourself if you replace the habit for an entire week. Now pick one to two habits a week to focus on. As you progress you can add more and more new habits into your lifestyle. Just try not to do all at once because the task can be daunting and most likely leading to defeat. Set yourself up for success by breaking it into bite size pieces. Example: Bad Habit: Snacking on sweets late at night before bed. New Habit: Drinking calming herbal tea before bed with stevia for the sweetness. Reason: It will help me cut out many calories, helping me to lose the weight I want to lose, which would feel so amazing! It will help me get a better nights rest, which will help me be more productive the next day. Reward: A manicure Studies show that in order for a new habit to stick it takes anywhere from 21-66 days. So keep rewarding yourself each week until you get to the point where it is simply second nature and you don’t even think about it anymore. ACTIVITIES TO TRIM The activities you participate it are what make up your life. Your job, classes, hobbies, volunteer activities, sporting events, family get-togethers, dates, parties, club memberships, girls nights, etc. You only have so many hours in your day, week, month, and year to fit in those events in our life. So why not fill them with them with the activities that bring you joy, happiness, and help you grow and become a better version of yourself? Take a look at your life as a whole. What activities are you currently involved in? Write them down so you can see visualize your life. (This can be a very eye opening experience.) Then write down next to each activity how much time it consumes in your life. Ask yourself if any of these activities are no longer serving you whether it is financially, your stress level, negativity, or a lack of challenge and growth. If you find that you are simply doing an activity out of a feeling of obligation, routine, or guilt you may want to consider “cutting the fat” and removing it from your life. Just because you have been doing something for years does not mean that it is the fabric of who you are or even what you want now. When you decide which activities you want to rid yourself of, start writing down activities that you do want in your life. You may find that you are replacing your weekend partying in negative environments (that you felt you needed to do because it’s where all your friends were) with a Saturday night salsa dancing class that you have always wanted to try. You may also cut out a self indulging activity like that extra massage a month and spend that time at a homeless shelter giving back to those in need. Or you may cut out your movie marathon nights and start training for an actual marathon! Once you realize that you have control over what you do in your life, the possibilities for growth and happiness are endless!! PEOPLE TO TRIM The people in our life affect us more than anything else. We are relational beings and so habits, thoughts, perspectives, emotions and more rub off on us from the people we hang around the most. Our family, friends, co-workers, and loved ones all have an effect on us and sometimes it’s not for the better! Trimming relationships can be one of the hardest things to do, but it can also be one of the best things you can do for yourself if you are trying to improve your life and become a better person. Again take pen to paper to help you visualize your relationships. Start by writing down the people in your world who either drain you emotionally, have a negative outlook on life (or your life), who are judgmental, maybe too needy, or have bad habits that are not in line with your own values. If there is a person in mind that you feel you may need to let go of, write out the ways he or she pulls you down and then write down the ways the same person lifts you up. If you find a strong imbalance where there is more bad than good, then ask yourself how it would feel (after the initial sting) if this person was no longer in your day to day life. If you feel relieved thinking about life beyond this person then start down the path of going your separate ways. It will either happen passively or through confrontation, (which is totally not fun) but the weight lifted from not having to interact with someone who is weighing you down is worth the awkward convo. Just remember to not ever try to change someone into who you want them to be. Let them be who they are, just outside of your life. There are some people in our lives that we simply cannot as easily trim out or would ever want to; like neighbors, co-workers and hard-to-love family members. However, there are ways to remove their ability to affect you the way they used to. For example, there may be a gossiper at work that meets you at the coffee pot every morning and drains you of your energy for the rest of the day. You can start bringing Starbucks or your homemade brew to work in order to avoid crossing paths with the energy vampire. To help you feel better in the situation of cutting out relationships, write down the people who lift you up, encourage you, challenge you, support you, listen to you when life is hardand celebrate with you when life is good. Think of ways to help these types of relationships grow. Make a few phone calls, send a few heart felt text messages and set up a lunch date or two. It’s friendships and bonds like these that will last a lifetime and help you become the person you desire to be. Trimming the fat isn’t always easy, but it can be an essential and sometimes necessity in order to be the best version of YOU! You will feel lighter, more inspired and able to conquer life the way you desire leaving behind the negative, draining and useless things in your past. Doesn’t that feel good!? As an added bonus, you may find as the negative things in your life start melting away, any extra pounds you have will disapear as well. In Health and Happiness, Lauren McBride

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