Valentine’s Day Pamper Program

Valentine’s Day is almost here! It’s time to pamper yourself so that you can feel your best for the “day of love”. It’s easy to feel sexy when you feel healthy… so get pampering! Each day, take 30 minutes at night to just treat yourself, relax, sip on some peppermint tea, light a candle or read a fun book while you do these treatments. Wednesday: Skin Treat

  • Skin Brush (if you are new to skin brushing, check out this website:
  • 30 minute Epsome Salt Bath (lavendar or rose essential oils optional)
  • Lather your skin with coconut oil including your feet. Put on some socks and hit the sack!

Thursday: Hair Treat

  • Apply hair mask at night while getting ready for bed.

Ingredients: 1 ripe avocado 1/2 cup coconut milk 3 teaspoon olive oil Directions: Mash yor avocado completely. Add the coconut milk and olive oil, stirring rapidly to combine it all.   Warm up your mask on the stovetop until it’s slightly warm.  Apply the mask from roots to ends, massaging it into your scalp. Leave on for at least thirty minutes or as long as you can, and then wash your hair thouroughly. Friday: Face Treat 

  • Chocolate Face Mask! (Yes, you read that right 😉 )

Ingredients: 1/4 C natural, unsweetened cocoa powder 1 T organic honey (manuka honey helps fight acne) 1 T organic plain yogurt (full fat) 1 pierced and drained vitamin E capsule Directions: Blend together and apply to your face for 10-20 minutes. (go ahead, take a taste… you know you want to!) Saturday: Nail Treat  You could always go get a mani-pedi… but just think of all of those chemicals they use! You know that smell that smacks you in the face when you walk in the door… all of that is going into your body through your skin and nails. Eeek.. try this natural at home treatment for a change.

  1. REMOVE- Sephora’s Express Nail Polish remover ranks high in the health-o-meter!
  2. SHAPE
  3. BUFF
  4. SOAK- fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (maybe rose oil?)
  5. SOFTEN- rub some Burts Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream on those rough edges
  6. PUSH- the cuticles back gently with an orangewood stick or manicure kit tool
  7. EXFOLIATE- mix olive oil, ground oats, and a little bit of honey together, and scrub those tootsies!
  8. WASH
  9. MOISTURIZE- with your favorite natural/paraben-free lotion of choice.
  10. POLISH- try Unt Nail Laquer in “Cupid’s Slipper” (of course!) It’s formaldehyde free and even okay for pregnant women!

It may seem like a lot of work, but it can actually be quite therapuetic going through the process. Your nails will look beautiful and your body will thank you for sparing it of the hundreds of chemicals in a regular mani-pedi. If you want to just sit back and enjoy- put it all in a little nail kit and bring it to your local nail salon and have them use your natural products. 🙂 SUNDAY: Soul Treat Count your blessings today and think of all of the things that you love about your body. Use some of the positive affirmations given earlier in the week. Write down what you are thankful for in your life and what makes you unique. Confidence is your best accessory. Confidence is how YOU CHOOSE to think about yourself. Choose to be beautiful, and you will exude that beauty. 🙂 Monday: Mind Treat Do a meditation today, take 10-20 minutes to yourself just relaxing and releasing any tension or stress in your body. Go to a quiet place, light a candle and just focus on your breathing. This is a great day to do a yoga session and get back into the present moment. Monday’s can be an overwhelming day… take this time to bring yourself back to sanity to get ready for the big day. Tuesday: Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Enjoy your refreshed state of health/beauty and endulge in a little dark chocolate, a little red wine and a few kisses. 🙂 Tip- If you want your skin to have a deeper glow, this is a wonderful natural/healthy sunless option Tip- If you want to brighten your pearly whites this week, this is my choice in whitening systems: Happy Love Day! Lauren McBride

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