Weekly Challenge: Save Energy

21462535694091407_618LEoo7_f Since the week starts off with Earth Day, I am challenging you all this week to get your green on and save energy while expending a little more your self. Here are some ways that you can help the environment while also being healthier to your body:

        • Bike it to nearby errands getting some exercise and saving gas
        • Take the stairs instead of elevators & escalators
        • Scrub the dishes by hand instead of running the dishwasher
        • Hang your clothes out to dry (if it’s not snowing where you live) it’s a great arm workout and saves so much energy that the dryer gobbles up.
        • Get outside and walk/run/jog instead of on the treadmill
        • Turn the lights out early and spend a romantic evening in candlelight
        • Take a colder shower– gets you out quicker saving water & it’s better for your skin

Some simple things can make a big impact if we all do it together. Let me know what you do this week to save energy while using more yourself. In Health and Happiness, Lauren McBride  

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