Weekly Challenge: CHUG

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Your challenge this week is to CHUG your water every day. We are focusing on detoxing our bodies this week and prepping our systems for the 6 week countdown to summer and bikini weather! One of the best ways to detox is to flush your system with clean, fresh and filtered water. In order to fully hydrate yourself you need to drink at least1/2 your body weight in oz’s every day. 

Body weight / 2 = oz’s per day  

Example: (140/2 = 70 oz) 70 oz of water = about 4 1/2 water bottles or 9 cups

  Water has a huge role in your body’s detoxification processes. The three main ways your body can detox are through breath, sweat and waste elimination… all three of these processes require water. If you don’t have enough going in, there’s not enough to pull the toxins out.    Quenching your cells leads to beautiful/clear skin, energy and a healthy digestive system. Another plus… the more hydrated you are, the less excess water weight you will carry. You will flush it out which can help tighten up your physique!   Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring:

  • Eat Your Water 
  • Juice fruits and veggies
  • Add fruit and mint (recipes coming later this week) 
  • Add a few drops of flavored liquid Stevia 
  • Coconut water is amazing for hydration and counts as water too 
  • Herbal tea at night helps calm the mind and also counts as water 

  Drinks that do NOT count as water:

  • Soda
  • Caffeinated tea
  • Coffee
  • Energy drinks 
  • High sugar sport drinks 
  • Alcohol of any kind 

  By the end of the week you will be feeling lighter and your skin will be radiant. Are you up for the challenge? I hope so, let’s get our bodies primed for summer!    In Health and Happiness,  Lauren McBride 

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