Weekly Challenge: LIFT

2013-06-10 15.40.34Your weekly challenge is here and I can’t believe it’s less than 2 weeks until summer! I don’t know about you, but I am kicking it into high gear because I want to feel healthy, strong and full of energy so I can get the most out of this summer! 

I am challenging you this week to LIFT!

Add 2-3 weight training workouts into your schedule this week!

  Sometimes us girls can shy away from the weights because of the fear of  “bulking up” but unless your goal is to gain more muscle by weight training 5-6 days a week, eating a body builder diet and lifting super heavy, you aren’t going to get the biceps or quads of the fitness magazine chicks. If that’s your desire, more power (and muscle) to you!!   Even if you are are just looking to shape, tone and lean out your body… do not be afraid to LIFT! Adding weights into your weekly schedule helps to increase lean body mass, boosts your metabolism, increases bone density (helps prevent osteoporosis), helps support healthy blood sugar utilization (helps prevent diabetes) and gives you beautiful, sexy shape!!    Not only do I want you to lift weights this week, but I want you to L.I.F.T (Live Inspired For Today)!! Live every day this week, inspired and motivated because life is good, summer is just around the corner and if we take the time to think about it there are SO many blessings in life to be thankful for no matter what we are going through. Live this week inspired because you never know who will be inspired by you!!   Happy Monday! Bring on the week!    Live, Love, LIFT. Lauren     

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