What Gets You Going??

Are you INTRINSICALLY or EXTRINSICALLY motivated?  You may not have thought about this before, or even know what it means, but knowing whether you are (what I call) an “Inny” or and “Outy” can help you set yourself up for success with your fitness goals. image051 So just like the little quizzes in Seventeen Magazine you may have done with your girlfriend growing up (like me), we will find out what gets you going…    Which option(s) sounds most like you: a) “I shouldn’t miss my workout tonight because I know “so and so” is counting on me to be there and she will be disappointed if I don’t show up” b) “I don’t want to miss my workout tonight because I am looking forward to a good sweat session and it always feels so good afterward.” c) “I really should keep my diet clean this week because I want to look good in my bikini for the pool party with all my friends this weekend.” d) “I really want to keep my diet clean this week because I know I can do it and it will feel so good at the end of the week knowing I accomplished it.”   If you answered A and C you are most likely EXTRINSICALLY motivated. (An “Outy”) This means that circumstances outside of yourself fuel your fire. This might be an event coming up, not wanting to let someone down, or competing with another person, etc. Motivational Tip- Try setting goals and telling your friends/family what they are. Workout with a friend/partner and push each other to the next level. Reward yourself for reaching goals. Think about the goal more than the process.   If you answered B and D you are most likely INTRINSICALLY motivated. (An “Inny”) This means you have all the drive right inside of you pushing yourself along to achieve your best. Making goals and achieving them is rewarding because of what you accomplished, not necessarily because of who saw it. Motivational Tip- Use visualization and possibly a vision board to maintain that vigor inside of you. Remind yourself why you love doing what you do. Maintain a training/nutrition log to reflect on your accomplishments.   If you answered a combination of these answers then you are a MIXED motivator. This means that upcoming events may pump you up to the next level, but  most of the time you workout or eat clean because you love it and a pat on the back from yourself will sufice. Many of us fall into this category because our moods change and with it so does our motivation. Motivational Tip- Use visualization to maintain your vigor inside of you, but on the days that it’s just not cuttin’ it, set up a reward for when you reach your end goal; Mani-Pedi, massage, girls night, a new pair of shoes or Lulu top…whatever gets you going. Just try not to make it food related.   I tend to fall on the Extrinsic side, so I am typically and “Outy”. Knowing I have inspired others pushes me forward so I tend to publicize my goals and share my accomplishments with others along side me. So what gets you going? Are you and Inny or an Outy? Let us know in a comment below. In Health and Happiness, Lauren

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